While waiting for our boat to arrive, again, we played poker. The way back to the land was another choppy ride. Please make sure you sit at the back of the boat if you don’t want all your internal organs to jumble up inside you. It was a bumpy ride all the way back to land!

Yuin took us to his favorite hangout for lunch. It’s this small warung nearby Pantai Boran where only locals would know how to get there. Here, you see makciks dressing up to the nines in their best baju kurungs and branded bags. They spent their free time chatting and gossiping at the warung, while having lunch together.

We had the best keropok ever! It’s slightly brownish in color and the sauce that went with it was delicious! I ordered a plate of nasi goreng kampong – which is slightly spicy and the nasi goreng kerabu was nice too!

After eating, I overheard a pakcik saying, “Ikang! Ikang!” Then, the group of makciks suddenly got up and hurried to a stall by the sea bank. We decided to check out what’s happening and saw the group of elderly people grabbing fishes as if they were for free!

The pakcik told us the fishes are caught fresh from the sea and there is no preservative. I wanted to buy some but we do not have a fridge or ice box and I don’t think the fishes would make it in the 8 hours drive back to KL! The pakciks saw us with cameras, made way for us to snap some pictures. It was very nice of them!

Then, we went to Pasar Payang – where you can get all kinds of things there – from batik to keropoks, durians to Rayban sunglasses. Don’t be fool by this market though! You may have thought the cloth selling here are cheaper – yes, they are cheaper compared to KL but that doesn’t stop them for charging RM300 for a set of cloth to make a set of baju kurung! I wanted to get a cute little flowery pink baju kurung for Ern Ern but it costs RM45 just for one tiny dress! So I decided to forget it!

After a walkabout the pasar, we stopped by for durian kunyit. The flesh was yellowish in color and they are less creamy compared to D24, it costs us Rm20 for two durians. So expensive? I am not sure how much does durians cost, so it’s ok. Haha. We went on our long journey back to KL after dropping off Yuin at his hostel.

I didn’t know there is this thing called Satar, Terengganu version of otak-otak in triangular shapes (for those who don’t know what otak-otak is – it’s BBQ-ed fish mousse in spices). Ms Han, being the makan Queen introduced us to it. I didn’t want to buy too much in case if I didn’t like the taste, so we bought 5 for RM2 to try. The Satar is really good!

We stopped by Kuala Abang to take some photos. I remember this place because we stopped by here before when I attended a wedding in Kuala Terengganu many years ago. I remember how picturesque it was. The beach was still picturesque but sadly, the place is riddled with rubbish thrown by irresponsible people who came for a picnic. Rubbish were strewn everywhere. It made me wanna go there and pick up all the rubbish before I leave but we were running out of time.

As we went along our journey, we kept a look out for satar because we wanted to ta pao some satar to bring them back home for our families to try. So, we went on satar hunting mode. Whenever we saw a billow of smoke, we would go all Spartan-ish and shouted, “SATARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!” It was hilarious when the smoke actually comes from burning rubbish! See – we don’t need alcohol to laugh like drunks! Unfortunately, we couldn’t locate any because it was already late evening. Oh well, there is always another time.

We stopped by Kuantan and had a feast at Alor Akar, again, another of Ms Han’s favorite restaurant when she was working there on a project.

All in all, it was a relaxing trip – except for the nearly drowning experience by Yuin and the kena-sebijik-you-tak-dengarbriefing incident. Other than that, it was a perfectly okay trip.

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