Mangsa Ragut

After a late night out with friends on Thursday night, I came home at about 11.50 pm. I decided not to call my family to reverse the other car out, so I could park inside. Didn’t want to disturb them sleeping. Little did I know, my considerate motion went unrewarded, even worse, got me into trouble.

I somehow had a naggy feeling of parking behind my house. My heart rate raced as I turned into the back lane. I did notice a motorbike trailed me from behind. So I waited till the motorbike was gone. I went on to put steering lock to my car, I looked at the rear mirror for any signs of people and also checked the side mirror. There was nobody. I hesitated to get out from the car. Somehow, I was feeling uneasy. I contemplated to call my sister but decided against it.

I got down the car and suddenly a man appeared out of nowhere standing next to me. For a moment, I was feeling calm. He was saying something to me very softly but I didn’t realize there was danger till I saw a tool on his hand. Not too sure what tool he was carrying. It looked somewhat like a saw but then it might be a car lock. Then, it dawned upon me that, I was about to be robbed! I thought to myself, “Shit! This is real! I am fucked! BIG TIME!” It was clear and loud to me what he was saying the second time – “Jangan jerit! Nanti saya pukul awak!” (Translation: Don’t scream! I will hit you!”)

I cursed myself for not trusting my instincts and then, out of reflex, I threw my bag at the guy. Then, I screamed. Really loud. He looked agitated and wanted to hit me. I shouted again. He ran to a waiting accomplice and sped away. I ran towards him and tried to decipher the motorbike number plate. Unfortunately, it was too dark.

My family heard my screams and they came down to assist. First thing I did was to run up to my room and power up my lap top. Got online to get the banks phone numbers. I called up all the banks to block my credit cards and atm. As I was doing this, my hands was trembling like crazy. I couldn’t even dial the numbers on the phone. I got really frustrated and threw the phone on the floor in a fit!

My cousin sis helped me to dial the phone numbers and I began to calm down. After I managed to sort out of banking stuff, I went to the police station to file report.

This time, the police station was filled with all female officers. I was surprised. Perhaps most of the male colleagues went to watch football and exchanged shifts with them. I calmed down and proceeded to lodge a police report. The inspector in charge that night was also a lady. A pretty lady. She asked if I could identify the person if she shows me photos. I said, I might. So I was led to the office to look at mug shots. It’s really scary to see so many criminals. I had to look through 3 freaking albums! Somehow, I don’t think I remember how he looked like now. I guess it’s good to forget things, hopefully.

I was glad I escaped unharmed. I am lucky in that sense. I couldn’t sleep a wink that night. As I am recalling this incident, my hands were trembling on the keyboard. I hope all my friends, please be careful and don’t stay out too late. Criminals always strike when we least expect it. I would like to say thanks to all my friends for showing support when I needed it most! Thank you!

12 thoughts on “Mangsa Ragut

  1. To think that they were on the lookout in some dark corner waiting for unsuspecting drivers like yourself in the late of the night …. night prowlers..! Good think you had the good sense to throw the bag at them and then shout! Clever you!

  2. Thanks people! Appreciate your concern. I am ok. A bit shaken but I will be alright. Have to be extra careful everytime we go out. No excuses.

  3. What matters most you are alright.

    Inconvenience and troublesome, but things you have lost can be replaced. An excuse to change to a more canggih phone wor.

    As the chinese saying goes, literally, you lose some fortune to prevent a bigger loss of fortune”.

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