Short Weekend Getaway

My tan from Redang trip hasn’t even faded and here I am, this weekend, in Port Dickson. A family trip together with some friends. We rented a service apartment called Seri Bulan Condominium – it was quite clean and spacious. Since it’s low peak now, we ended having the entire service apartment to ourselves!

Port Dickson brings back so many memories. The first time I went to Port Dickson was probably with the #marquiz gang from IRC. There were 9 of us, I think… Kat, James, Pilot Boy, Ian, Ivy, Eugene, You Chee, Louise and Ken. It was a pissed drunk trip with Ian sleeping in the bathroom, holding onto the toilet bowl. Hahaha!

Then, I’ve been to Port Dickson with my colleagues and ex colleagues numerous times, other friends – mostly drinking trip. This time round, it was a “sober” trip. There were beers and red wines but I didn’t have a sip. Not because my family is around. It’s just that I don’t drink that much anymore. Haha!

I’ve stayed in 6 places so far – PD Perdana Condo, Kemang Indah Condo, Corus Hotel, Avillion, Bayu Beach Resort, Guomen and this time, Seri Bulan Condo. So, I’ve been to Port Dickson 7x!

It’s a good weekend getaway, just a short drive from Kuala Lumpur. I guess this month is quite a good month to travel because less people would travel during Ramadhan month. The only regret I have is probably, we didn’t have time to visit the Ramadhan bazaar while we were in Port Dickson!

Anyhow, just to share with you some pictures I’ve taken this weekend. I hope your weekend has been a blast too!

View from our balcony

Next to Seri Bulan Condo, there’s a horse stable

A pretty hibiscus


Almost cloudless sky

View of the BBQ pit

4 thoughts on “Short Weekend Getaway

    • It was.. relaxing at least and no terrible hang over the next day, which is damn good. I just don’t understand why I would want to drink myself silly back then. LOL!

      A nice hometown to grow up in! Lotsa memories I guess.. with the beach, sea, sand.. heheh.

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