I Heart Kuching

I first visited Kuching in 2005. That trip was a rather haphazard one (the not so golden MAS holiday and dim wits arranging it for us) but I guess we managed to make the most of it. Heck, I even think the photos I took back in 2005, using my old ixus 3.2 is even better than the pictures I take now!

Check out this photo compared to the old blog’s Reflection of the Square Tower

So much have changed over the period of six short years! I always remember Kuching as a rather clean place – it certainly still is. When we reached the Waterfront, a new building perch on the opposite side of the river – the much controversial Dewan Undangan Negeri Sarawak. It was a sight to behold though, in its golden splendor! Hats off to its engineers and architects!

The Dewan Undangan Negeri standing majestically across the river

The old Fort Margherita that I used to love is no more in sight. It seems, the place is still there but our friend told us, we could no longer visit the place. A quick check on the internet seemed to say the contrary. We could still visit the place! I guess perhaps, they sealed off the road to Fort Margherita because of its proximity to DUN – am not too sure though. Kuching people, what say you? Anyhow, I am glad I got the chance to visit the place before it’s being closed to public. You know how “good” our government is when it comes to handling heritage buildings. *Roll eyes*

A woman hitching a 50-sen ride on sampan

Our friend warned us that, Kuching is not as safe as it used to be. Just a month ago, an Australian tourist was hurt when he tried to prevent his belongings from being robbed. So, he was hospitalized. So she told us to be careful with our belongings while we are walking. Yet, we see her in her gold necklaces and bracelets. She should be more careful! I guess this is the general rule – you just have to be careful everywhere that you go.

Main Bazaar

We went about the Main Bazaar for some window shopping before we went back to Jinhold Service Apartment to freshen up. Then we head to Top Spot – the ever popular place for seafood in Kuching for some scrumptious meal. Our host decided to take us to stall no. 33. He ordered some midin, powdery butter prawns, lalas, bamboo clams, mani chai (pucuk manis – the vege used for pan mein) with eggs (a must order) and the special styled oyster pancake – crispy and delicious!

The oyster pancake, Kuching style!

After the scrumptious dinner, we were chauffeured around to take a look at Kuching’s night life, and being filled with historical information from our gracious host.

15 thoughts on “I Heart Kuching

  1. i think the first pic is relly relly cool, i even like it in FB. but hv no idea why u wanna adulterate the 2nd one which i thought is supposedly as cool…..:P hehe.

  2. Oh the 1st pic is awesome alright! Ummm… tried the ho jien in Kuching too….. we weren’t warned about it and both Tony & I were shocked that the Miao Miao version was ‘crispy’ …

    • Thanks! I think this one is probably better than my old ixus photo.😀 A stepping stone..

      We saw most tables having that, so we asked what is it? We were surprised too that it’s crispy ocien!

    • Haha. Thanks. Don’t be too hard on yourself lah. Practice makes perfect. By the way, I’ve upgraded myself from the old blog.. now I am using Nikon D90.

      • Oh, it is a very good camera, though it is a bit too light for me ( I reckon it is not a Aluminium alloy but polycarbonate body). Once a upon a time I was using Nikon FE2 , but I have to retired it because it was a film SLR, bo pian lah…got to follow the trend by embarking into the new frontier of DSLR, pretty scary for my age, hahahaha…

  3. Jack, don’t let age be a hindrance to do something you like!😀

    AiShiang: Long time no see! Yes.. not only Kuching, in fact most parts of Malaysia, especially developed places.. heck.. even Taiping, such a peaceful town also has snatch thieves now. The thieves are getting bolder each day because nothing is done. The police are really useless.

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