Friendship Garden

The reason that our host put us up at Jinhold Service Apartment is the proximity to the Taman Sahabat. At least, we could just walk over for a short visit and also, the service apartment is quite near amenities such as One Jaya supermarket and local eats. But I still prefer to stay in Grand Continental – walking distance to the waterfront, Grappa (to club!), temples and food along Jalan Carpenter.

Taman Sabahat was built in 2004 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Malaysia and China. Here, you get to visit a small man made garden with magnificent statue of Zheng He, the great Admiral who did 7 voyages from Asia to Africa. Here, there’s a zig zag bridge, a koi pond (there weren’t many fishes, though), a building resembling a Chinese house, temple arch, and many beautiful willow trees which added colors to the already vibrant place.

Many locals come here for morning walk and exercise. They were a few children playing football around the area too. It’s nice to take a leisurely walk here. Some came to feed the fish in the pond. Here are some pictures of the place.

A magnificent statue of Zheng He

The zig zag bridge

The gate to the friendship garden

After the short visit, we satisfied our hunger pangs at the nearby shop, opposite the church at Jalan Song. Finally, I had the Sarawak Laksa. It’s still rather bland in taste, but it was tasty.

Sarawak laksa

Another round of kolo mee!

We ended our Kuching trip by going to Kota Sentosa for some food. Our host took us to the hawker centre nearby the 7th mile, Penrissen camp. They have delicious oily rice with steamed chicken, sausages, roast pork and char siew. The rojak is rather special too, they have quail meat!

Assortment of meats

We also tried the local delicacy – the cerokot? It’s made of gula melaka. Not too sweet. It’s good as dessert.


We wish to thank our gracious hosts for accompanying us the three days and made our trip a memorable one.

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