This morning, I received a phone call from “Hong Leong Bank”.

Caller: Is this Ms Gina?

Me: Yes.

Caller: Ms Gina, your credit card bill is long outstanding and you owe the bank RM7,000++.

Me: I don’t have a credit card with Hong Leong Bank!

Caller: But the system said, you owe us RM7,000++. It’s been 3 months.

Me: Then, that is your problem. I don’t have Hong Leong Bank credit card and I don’t give a shit.

I hung up.

I quickly call up Hong Leong bank to find out if someone applied for credit card using my stolen IC. Hong Leong confirmed that, I don’t even have a credit card with them.

I called up EON Bank also to cross check.

I was told by the officer in EON Bank that, people knew that EON and Hong Leong are integrating now, so these fraudsters are taking this advantage to con gullible people. Imagine, if I were in a state of panic and uttered that, I have EON bank credit card and they would have twist the story and perhaps, made me bank in money in some dubious accounts.

Recently, I’ve been receiving many e-mails also stating that my accounts have been tempered with. The best part is, the e-mail is from some weird address – and it said – my CIMB account has been tampered with. Good news. Because, I don’t even have a bloody CIMB account at the first place! A colleague actually fell for it and as a result, RM5,000 was sucked out from her account instantly.

My other friend’s company – five colleagues received sms of the same nature – telling them their account has been tampered with. One of them replied the sms and money got sucked out from their accounts as well.

Please bear in mind – all banks will not call or e-mail you to ask details of your banking accounts.

So people, be careful. There are so many criminals out there just to get your hard earned money!

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