Driving Manners

I read today’s article on newspaper with interest. “Driver’s attitude the main challenge on the road”

This reminds me of Kuching. Kuching people drive like Singaporeans. They are really courteous! They do not selfishly hog the road, and they actually let our car cross the junction even when traffic was heavy! I was so surprised. They even stop for pedestrian when you are standing at the road side, waiting to cross the road. And they really stop for you when there’s zebra crossing. I thought this only happens overseas. Wait a minute.. Sarawak is “overseas”! Over the Southern China Sea! Hahaha! Joking! It was such a welcoming change compare to the idiotic road users in KL!

When I got back from Kuching, we hired a Van Persiaran and the van actually ran on a break neck speed all the way to Selayang – with 10 people in the van! (One driver, 8 of us plus Ern Ern, the baby). Both my legs have to be mounted on some angles to ensure I have the buffer I need should the driver suddenly apply emergency brake! Ah.. we miss Kuching!

Being a driver myself, not to say that, I am an impatient driver, my patience has its limit. If one is driving slowly and hogging the fast lane, something is very wrong with these people! If you are too scared to step on the gas pedal to observe the speed limit, I guess the only solution for you is to get a bus pass. Don’t drive and make other people’s lives miserable.

Just now, I was on my way to Damansara Utama when I saw an Alphard cruising on a break neck speed on the fast lane, displacing vehicles in front of it, turning dangerously into the middle lane. Well, maybe the driver has an emergency.

Last week, a car with super noisy engine (it’s just a modified Wira) bullied everyone on the road to make way for himself, so he could pull over to buy nombor ekor. Serious. We saw the idiot parked indiscriminately and coolly went to the booth to buy number!

Once, I almost met with an accident when I was driving to a junction, when suddenly a Waja swerved into my lane from the opposite direction, with laughing teenagers in the car. I think my face must have turned all white coz I was really in shock. I think they wanted to go straight but then last minute changed their minds and swerved into my lane! It was a lucky thing that, I was driving rather slowly that time – otherwise, it would be an unfortunate head on collision.

Another time was, I was on my way for my facial appointment when a car suddenly turned into my lane as I was nearing the junction. The car decided to come out only I was very near! I stepped on the brakes and honked crazily at them – yet, the two very young girls sitting inside the car went GIGGLING as if they have done something really funny. These people’s licenses ought to be revoked!

My brother in law is also impatient when it comes to driving. Once, there was a trailer in front of us, making a sudden u turn – imagine, an A class big ass trailer and he had to go so near the vehicle! We almost knocked into the trailer if I didn’t shout at him to stop his car. He was arguing that, it was the trailer’s fault for making a sudden illegal u turn in front of us. I said yes, but then, if the trailer guy wanted to be a fucking idiot, that doesn’t mean we have to stoop low to his level and be fucking idiots ourselves! Keep your distance while driving! I learned the hard way! I got into an accident because I was following too close!

I think one cannot teach etiquette or manners when it comes to driving. It is all inborn and also, it depends on the person’s attitude. If one is a selfish bastard, he will drive like a selfish bastard. There are also instances where a really nice person turning into a road bully whenever he’s behind the wheel. Somehow, in KL, the moment you sit in your car, you morphed into this impatient idiot. Hahaha. I wonder why? Perhaps, we are all just too stressed out in our lives that the only way to vent our frustrations is while we are driving.

Let’s not our emotions get into our head when we are driving. Safety should come first.

PS. Am glad that a friend decided to be more “cultured” when it comes to his driving. No more driving “Klang” style.

15 thoughts on “Driving Manners

  1. If I can use a single word to describe the motorist drivers’ attitude in Peninsular Malaysia, that is: hopeless. The divers there are selfish ( driving on road shoulder, this led to the killing on our pastor many years back), foolish (stop on the highway in the middle of the night, this also nearly cost my brother-in-law’s life, but instead another driver’s life), no-brainer drivers( the gutsy stunt drivers trail you near to your ass), etc…
    I feel more comfortable while driving overseas, even in the notorious New York city, they never drive like a monster as compare to the drivers in Malaysia ( Peninsular). I remembered I overshot my hotel by 100 m in the deep winter evening in NY, no choice, I resort to make a 3- points- turn there, 3 cars waited patiently for me, they did not horn nor flash any head lights…could not imagine if I did this in Malaysia or Singapore.
    When i told my American friends about the driving behaviors in Peninsular Malaysia, they were astonished with their mouths wide opened ( I can insert a big bun into their mouths).
    Malaysia has the laws but hardly enforce them, particularly on the tail- gating which really unnerve me.If they can’t really enforce them, might as well revoke them…

    • Wah.. that’s really bad. I guess that’s why many Malaysians can drive overseas.. coz they are notorious. Hahahhaha! Kidding.

      I guess not all Malaysians are like that, but unfortunately most of them are like that. Sigh.

  2. I think Johor plates drivers are the most terrible,follow by W plates drivers…btw any Johorean here? My wife who happened to be a Johorean tit for tat saying that the “A” plate drivers drive like “A”beng = monster, which I never agree…if you guys do not believe in what I said, ask Gina!

  3. I have to agree – especially Johor drivers! Hahaha!! Sorry, Johorians.. but seriously, I think 10/10 of my friends said Johorians drive like mad people.

  4. Ahahahah…well we say Penang drivers teruk, Johor driver teruk…. I suppose they say the SAME about us too….. kakaka😀

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