Home Remedies

Sometimes, some health problems can be solved in simplest home remedies. So, here I share with you some of my home remedies which help my family and I to get over small health problems. But of course, if problems persist, it’s best to seek medical opinion.


Usually, whenever I travel, I always suffer terrible sore throat and cough after a trip due to dehydration. I don’t want to keep looking for toilets, especially in places where toilets are without doors!! So, I drink less. Then once, a friend of mine brought along a bottle of salt with her whenever she’s traveling so, she shared with me. I drank water with salt whenever my throat felt like on fire and it was a miracle that I no longer suffer sore throat after a trip. Salt is also known to reduce heatiness. Whenever you feel unwell, drink (not gargle) a glass of warm water with a quarter teaspoon of salt. It usually helps.

Green beans and salt

As my body is very prone to over heatiness, my mom would make this concoction for me. All you need is just a packet of green beans – about 2 rice bowls of green beans. Put them in a container and pour boiling water over it. Add a teaspoon of salt. Close the lid for several hours till the water is warm or cool down. Drink as much as you want. It would bring down your heatiness in no time!

Mint leaves/Indian Borage

Since mint leaves juice is rather bitter, and children didn’t like drinking them whenever they have coughs, my aunt would slice the leaves and fried it with eggs. It serves as a delicious dish, really and it helps to reduce coughs.

Manuka Honey

A friend shared with me that, whenever her coughs are pro-longed and nothing else works, she would go for Manuka Honey. Just drink a spoonful of manuka honey, let the honey linger on the throat and then swallow. It works for her. Once, I had incessant coughs for months and I tried her method. Not sure if it’s because of manuka honey or bird’s nests but the cough somehow subsided after that.

Pandan leaves

When one is having uric acid problems, pandan leaves seem to be able to help. Boil 10 blades of pandan leaves in 1L of water. Drink when it’s cool. Maximum 2x a month. Keep pandan leaves at home – it could get rid of cockroaches too.

Whirlwind Trip to Sungai Golok

I googled up on things to do in Sg. Golok before this trip. Unfortunately, there is nothing much to be done here. There were only websites on how to solicit prostitutes! It was really vomit inducing to read such things on the internet! Even star newspapers itself mentioned about the free company from GRO at the expense of very few cheap beers! No wonder sleazy men are flocking this place!

I didn’t expect much from this trip, apart from maybe shopping for cheaper toiletries. I remember many brands are being manufactured in Thailand so we could get things cheap here.

Wat Photivihan, Tumpat

Before going to Golok, we stopped by Wat Photivihan at Tumpat for a short visit. It seems this temple housed the longest Reclining Buddha is South East Asia!

Kao jiam

Since all of us have not eaten breakfast, we had a plate of kao jiam here – the Siamese version of Nasi Kerabu. We also ordered Som Tam to complete our meal. After that, we had a short walkabout the area to take some pictures.

Som Tam

It seems that even in Kelantan, a predominantly home to the Muslims, there were many grand Chinese and Siamese inspired temples, built using people’s generosity and the State’s recognition of our constitution of freedom to practice one’s religion!

Since we were told the night before of the bombings in Golok, I didn’t expect that we would be going there. We didn’t know how grave the situation was, hence we were led blindly. Our host downplayed the bombing but warned us to be careful and drive slowly when we reached there.

At the immigration checkpoint, we were led to a room where we would be filling up our immigration forms. However, we need to pay RM2 per person. There were a few people sitting at the desks, assisting us to complete our forms. I find it rather unnecessary because we can complete the forms ourselves – for free! Anyway, I didn’t want to cause any unnecessary hassle, so I went along with the rest.

As we drove into Golok, there was police presence everywhere. We noticed that a road leading up to Merlin Hotel was blocked. We didn’t think much about it. Our host said that, normally that street is very packed with people. It was merely a short drive through, so we didn’t really see any wreckage.

Thailand’s special cabling characteristics

We found a spot to park and went around on foot. The streets were rather quiet for a weekend. Many shops were closed. Somehow, we still didn’t suspect that the bombings were that grave! Some shops opened went about their business and nobody seemed to be affected by it.

Most shops are closed

Our host somehow looked nervous and kept asking us to get into the car, so we could go have lunch. So, we did after just about 40 minutes of walking around the streets around Golok town. I find the things here are rather old fashioned – things like clothes, toys, crockery sets, so I didn’t buy anything. I didn’t even go to pharmacy to check out some of the toiletries sold because we didn’t have time.

Army patrolling the street

Lunch was so so at a local restaurant but service was exceptionally good, since there were nobody else in the restaurant and only us occupying two tables.

Then our host rushed us to the immigration check point. I guess this concluded our trip to Golok. I checked my camera time stamp – check point to check point – 12.33 pm and 3.17 pm. Hahah! So I guess this is probably the shortest “overseas” trip ever! Beat my first trip to Macau – took only 6 hours! Hahah!

We drove past a Chinese architecture inspired mosque. It looked like a temple! But with minaret! I wished we could have stopped to take photos but somehow, the driver in front of us was in a hurry to go some place. It was then, we found out that, he borrowed a car from his neighbour opposite his house to ferry us and the neighbour’s mom died! What a way to end a trip to Golok.

Warung selling kao jiam along Jalan Kebun Sultan

At night, we went to Jalan Kebun Sultan again, this time to buy some kao jiam from this lady wearing scarf, selling along the road side a few steps away from Warisan Nasi Kukus. Then, we went to Wakaf Bahru for Thai dinner. We went to Restoran Kg. Kulim – it was difficult to find this place – even our host got lost. LOL.

After we managed to find the place – it was just along the railway, we waited 1 hour and 35 minutes for dinner.. I was glad that we managed to ta pao some kao jiam and had our dinner at 8 pm before our second dinner at 9.35 pm! It was then, I found out how grave the situation was at Golok the night before. I wish for speedy recovery to the injured victims and condolences to the family of the dead. It was heart breaking news.

Luckily dinner was great after the really, really long wait. The specialty dishes – sam chan budu (sliced pork cooked with fish sauce), curry tong fun with prawns and ayam kampong bakar (roasted free range chicken) were really good!

Curry tong fun with prawns

That concludes our very short trip up north. I guess we could have done better with proper planning and wish that I’ve found this link before this trip. I guess we have to wait for it till another trip to Kota Bharu to discover other places.

A Visit to Kota Bahru

Reflection of Windows

It was a short trip up north over the weekend to attend a friend’s wedding in Kota Bahru. This is my first time to Kelantan, hence completing my visit to all 13 states in Malaysia. *Proud* Haha.

We were received in Kota Bharu airport on 16th September and whisked away to our friend’s house for a luncheon reception in Tanah Merah, some 45 minutes away from the airport. It was a baking hot afternoon. The bride and groom looked flushed too from the unbearable heat. Then, we loitered for awhile before we go back to our homestay in Kampung Jelatok, Tanah Merah.

One of our colleagues, being a whiney bitch; insisting on going to Sg. Golok that day itself. Since our host had already planned for us to go to Sg. Golok on Saturday morning, we ignored her whining. It must have pissed her off. We didn’t really care actually! Traveling for the first time with not very close colleagues is particularly daunting! Especially with people who are totally inconsiderate!

It was a blessing in disguise that we didn’t give in to her whines. At 6.40 pm Friday, 16th September 2011, there was an explosion in Sg. Golok Teo Chew Association Centre, followed by a second explosion at Merlin Hotel and a third t the food court nearby. As many as five people were killed, including a 3 year old boy and 62 others injured. It was devastating.

We only heard the news at 10 pm when our host hurriedly called us to inform us, tomorrow’s trip to Sg. Golok may not materialized. Some of us were disappointed. We thought it was merely a small bomb scare but unfortunately it wasn’t. It was horrific.

We didn’t really think about it because a quick check on the internet revealed nothing. So we went about our own business – and had the best nasi kukus (steamed rice with dishes) in Kota Bahru, at Warung Warisan Nasi Kukus, Jalan Kebun Sultan. The warung is just right opposite 7-11 and next to Public Bank. You won’t miss it because you will see a beeline waiting in front of the small warung. After that, we visited KB mall. There’s no night life in Kota Bahru. Most shops are closed by 9 pm, even karaoke! Haha!

Queue towards the Warung Warisan Nasi Kukus, Jalan Kebun Sultan

Kit’s Wedding

Kit was my colleague in my first attempt to make it to the corporate world. He came a few months after me, a shy pimply boy. He is a gentle person so he gets bullied a lot at work (not me lah! ok lah. maybe a bit). Haha.

Our friendship warmed up after our trip to Cherating – our first company trip together with the rest of my very good friends till today. Here, we laughed, danced, swam, sang till our throat hurt. We also got really pissed drunk that I got the reputation of being a “vomity drunkard” in office. That was really bad.

We also went on a trip together to Taman Negara in Jerantut, Pahang,. I was worried sick that I was not fit enough to make the climb to the Bukit Terasek peak. Kit waited for me while others sprinted to the top. I was glad, at least I wasn’t alone in the forest. He waited patiently and told me to take my own sweet time and only walk when I am alright. That was so sweet of him!

When we ventured into the Gua Telinga (cave), both Kit and Yabba made sure I was fine. They let the girls through first and guided everyone of us when we were confronted with ditches after ditches! Even Yabba’s then girlfriend was “jealous” that he took care of me, more than her. Haha. Well, I don’t think anyone want me to be hurt, especially in the darkness of the cave. Imagine the hassle and manpower needed to haul my heavy ass out if I were to fall into the pitch dark ditch. Unimaginable!

From that trip, I realize both my guy colleagues are really good, gentleman. They are truly caring and willingly help those in need. Perfect gentlemen, in fact. Those you could rarely find in the current world of selfish people.

Saturday, 10th September 2011 was Kit’s happiest day. It was his wedding to a beautiful girl who is lucky enough to have him as a husband. Almost everyone was touched when he gave a speech to pledge his entire being – body, soul and spirit to make his wife the happiest woman alive.

We wish him every happiness, success and love in his journey to start a new family.


I can never understand why people want to smoke. I know, some people say, to reduce stress, to lose weight, to keep self awake, it’s an act of relaxation, etc. whatever the reason maybe, I guess there are better ways to curb all that.

I am glad to say, most of my friends are non smokers. Almost 98% of my friends. Or perhaps, birds of the same feather flock together? I have friends who smoke too, but I hardly hang out with them – not because of smoking, simply because we have nothing in common, coincidentally.

There are only five smokers in my family. My dad, my two uncles in KL, one uncle in Taiping and a cousin brother in Penang. Most of us don’t smoke. During Chinese New Year, when my late grandmother in Penang was still alive, she would nag my cousin brother to stop smoking but to no avail. My other cousins, nephew and nieces in Penang – almost 20 – 30 of them are non smokers! My non smoker cousin brother used to work with a renowned tobacco company in KL and gets 2 cartons of cigarettes every month but he never smoked. He would give them to my dad and uncle. Such discipline!

My family now – myself, sister and husband, brother and wife and mom are non smokers. So are my cousins. Yes, we do drink alcohol occasionally but never smoke. Ok. I admit. I smoked when I went clubbing and usually half drunk but that was many years ago. And I didn’t like it. I didn’t like it at all.

I couldn’t even stand the smell in the house when my dad or uncle is smoking in the living room! Perhaps that is why now, I don’t go clubbing anymore because the place is filled with smoke, your hair would stink at the end of the night and you need to shout when you want to communicate till your voice is coarse. I will never understand how I can “tahan” during those clubbing days. Haha!

And I wonder how tobacco companies are doing since most of my friends and people I know do not smoke? Did the new packaging with pictures of cancerous lungs, deformed babies, etc do the trick to turn people away from smoking? Or is it just a matter of choice? How about you? Do you smoke?