I can never understand why people want to smoke. I know, some people say, to reduce stress, to lose weight, to keep self awake, it’s an act of relaxation, etc. whatever the reason maybe, I guess there are better ways to curb all that.

I am glad to say, most of my friends are non smokers. Almost 98% of my friends. Or perhaps, birds of the same feather flock together? I have friends who smoke too, but I hardly hang out with them – not because of smoking, simply because we have nothing in common, coincidentally.

There are only five smokers in my family. My dad, my two uncles in KL, one uncle in Taiping and a cousin brother in Penang. Most of us don’t smoke. During Chinese New Year, when my late grandmother in Penang was still alive, she would nag my cousin brother to stop smoking but to no avail. My other cousins, nephew and nieces in Penang – almost 20 – 30 of them are non smokers! My non smoker cousin brother used to work with a renowned tobacco company in KL and gets 2 cartons of cigarettes every month but he never smoked. He would give them to my dad and uncle. Such discipline!

My family now – myself, sister and husband, brother and wife and mom are non smokers. So are my cousins. Yes, we do drink alcohol occasionally but never smoke. Ok. I admit. I smoked when I went clubbing and usually half drunk but that was many years ago. And I didn’t like it. I didn’t like it at all.

I couldn’t even stand the smell in the house when my dad or uncle is smoking in the living room! Perhaps that is why now, I don’t go clubbing anymore because the place is filled with smoke, your hair would stink at the end of the night and you need to shout when you want to communicate till your voice is coarse. I will never understand how I can “tahan” during those clubbing days. Haha!

And I wonder how tobacco companies are doing since most of my friends and people I know do not smoke? Did the new packaging with pictures of cancerous lungs, deformed babies, etc do the trick to turn people away from smoking? Or is it just a matter of choice? How about you? Do you smoke?

13 thoughts on “Smoking

  1. Ah, smoking…, when i was very young, I remembered the advertisement in the cinema at Port Weld always showing a hero trying to rescue a beautiful lady that stuck in the middle of the railway track with her car locked (a bit foolish montage, car dead, car locked with train approaching) and the hero always light up his cigarette before he trying to rescue the woman, can’t imagine if the hero is running out of cigarette. The cigarette’s name, is it Rothman? is it Benson & Hedges or…Gina, can you recall the cigarette’s name? I was very young then, but I won’t bite as the commercial was rather silly, so I am a non-smoker till today. I guess Malaysia’s authority is not strict enough to enforce the non-smoking law at the public area with air-con, surprising some sales men and women also smoke, that’s quite annoying, it sends a perplexing signal to the foreigners that Malaysia is a very law-lax country. Normally i will walk out from the shopping mall if i encountering this type of phenomenon.

  2. Oh, time flies…I didn’t even know cigarette companies have adopted new strategies…I still can’t figure out what has to do with holiday for smoking??? Btw Gina what is your parents’ names? Don’t tell me Ah Huat or Ah Kow, There are at least 4 to 8 such common names in Port Weld at anytime there. Maybe your dad and my dad are smoking or kopi kaki ( buddy)…

    • My dad is not from Taiping. He’s from Penang. So you won’t know him. My mom’s family is quite well known in Port Weld. My grand dad’s surname is Lau. He died when my mom was in her early 20s. Both my grandparents are named “Eh Loh” meaning short and tall – my grand dad was tall, my grandma was short – hence the nickname. Both my grandparents had passed away. My uncles and aunts still live in the same house – where the only dentist in Port Weld rented a room from my late grandma. The dentist – also Dr Lau is still servicing the Port Weld folks.

      • Oh, I guess it is not difficult to know your family background since your mom’s family is quite well known in Port Weld, in fact everybody is well known to each other, the only thing is that they are not aware that they been known to others. Sounds a bit scary, hahahaha… Rest be assured, we meant no harm to others, in fact it is good that everybody knows each other so that they will behave well and won’t do anything silly that cause embarrassment to the family. I call it ” Port Weld spirit”. Penang is another place which i cherish a lot because of my high school days there, that’s donkey years ago.

  3. i think if they increase the price of a pack even more mb thatll help. right now even at 10 ringgit its not stopping anyone

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