Kit’s Wedding

Kit was my colleague in my first attempt to make it to the corporate world. He came a few months after me, a shy pimply boy. He is a gentle person so he gets bullied a lot at work (not me lah! ok lah. maybe a bit). Haha.

Our friendship warmed up after our trip to Cherating – our first company trip together with the rest of my very good friends till today. Here, we laughed, danced, swam, sang till our throat hurt. We also got really pissed drunk that I got the reputation of being a “vomity drunkard” in office. That was really bad.

We also went on a trip together to Taman Negara in Jerantut, Pahang,. I was worried sick that I was not fit enough to make the climb to the Bukit Terasek peak. Kit waited for me while others sprinted to the top. I was glad, at least I wasn’t alone in the forest. He waited patiently and told me to take my own sweet time and only walk when I am alright. That was so sweet of him!

When we ventured into the Gua Telinga (cave), both Kit and Yabba made sure I was fine. They let the girls through first and guided everyone of us when we were confronted with ditches after ditches! Even Yabba’s then girlfriend was “jealous” that he took care of me, more than her. Haha. Well, I don’t think anyone want me to be hurt, especially in the darkness of the cave. Imagine the hassle and manpower needed to haul my heavy ass out if I were to fall into the pitch dark ditch. Unimaginable!

From that trip, I realize both my guy colleagues are really good, gentleman. They are truly caring and willingly help those in need. Perfect gentlemen, in fact. Those you could rarely find in the current world of selfish people.

Saturday, 10th September 2011 was Kit’s happiest day. It was his wedding to a beautiful girl who is lucky enough to have him as a husband. Almost everyone was touched when he gave a speech to pledge his entire being – body, soul and spirit to make his wife the happiest woman alive.

We wish him every happiness, success and love in his journey to start a new family.

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