Home Remedies

Sometimes, some health problems can be solved in simplest home remedies. So, here I share with you some of my home remedies which help my family and I to get over small health problems. But of course, if problems persist, it’s best to seek medical opinion.


Usually, whenever I travel, I always suffer terrible sore throat and cough after a trip due to dehydration. I don’t want to keep looking for toilets, especially in places where toilets are without doors!! So, I drink less. Then once, a friend of mine brought along a bottle of salt with her whenever she’s traveling so, she shared with me. I drank water with salt whenever my throat felt like on fire and it was a miracle that I no longer suffer sore throat after a trip. Salt is also known to reduce heatiness. Whenever you feel unwell, drink (not gargle) a glass of warm water with a quarter teaspoon of salt. It usually helps.

Green beans and salt

As my body is very prone to over heatiness, my mom would make this concoction for me. All you need is just a packet of green beans – about 2 rice bowls of green beans. Put them in a container and pour boiling water over it. Add a teaspoon of salt. Close the lid for several hours till the water is warm or cool down. Drink as much as you want. It would bring down your heatiness in no time!

Mint leaves/Indian Borage

Since mint leaves juice is rather bitter, and children didn’t like drinking them whenever they have coughs, my aunt would slice the leaves and fried it with eggs. It serves as a delicious dish, really and it helps to reduce coughs.

Manuka Honey

A friend shared with me that, whenever her coughs are pro-longed and nothing else works, she would go for Manuka Honey. Just drink a spoonful of manuka honey, let the honey linger on the throat and then swallow. It works for her. Once, I had incessant coughs for months and I tried her method. Not sure if it’s because of manuka honey or bird’s nests but the cough somehow subsided after that.

Pandan leaves

When one is having uric acid problems, pandan leaves seem to be able to help. Boil 10 blades of pandan leaves in 1L of water. Drink when it’s cool. Maximum 2x a month. Keep pandan leaves at home – it could get rid of cockroaches too.

11 thoughts on “Home Remedies

  1. Oh I love mint leaves … With Vietnamese pho … And curry laksa … But with fried eggs? Very very interesting … Must try to cook it one day!

  2. Too much salt not good for high BP?! how? go for other remedies you highlighted I suppose. Thought you used to bring hydrating salt with you when you travel before. No more?

    • If you have sore throat, then drink it with a pinch of salt in the morning.. not every morning. I would do so if I feel that a sore throat is coming. It works like a charm!

      Yes, I bring hydrating salt (oral hydration), normal salt, lozenges, minyak angin, tiger balm, salon pas, polaramine, etc whenever I travel. Haha. They are all packed in my first aid kit.

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