Stay Back

The old folks in my house are super hilarious and annoying at the same time. Now, both my parents are well into their 60s. 67 years old to be exact. My aunt too is already 69, and my uncle is probably 68. They misplace things and kick up a fuss whenever they couldn’t find it, and it’s always entirely their fault actually.

Just yesterday, the house went upside down searching for the bloody cordless phone. Someone must have used the phone and left it somewhere else and not the receiver. We have told them a million times to make it a point to put it back on the receiver after use. I guess we just need to get an old fashion phone attached with a cord. This should solve our misery.

Sometimes , my uncle would help to pick up Sasha from the tuition centre behind our house. That is when one super hilarious incident happened.

Uncle went to the tuition centre, rang the door bell and asked for Sasha.

Uncle: Chen Sha Sha (In Mandarin)

Tuition teacher: Stay back. (In English)

Uncle: …… Nurul Farisha…. (he doesn’t understand a single word of English)

Tuition teacher: She’s staying back.

Uncle: …….. Nurul Farisha Atika Tan.

Tuition teacher: ………

She went to get Sasha.

Sasha: Aiyoh! I have to stay back for class lah! Please go home now! Sigh! Sia sui! (In Mandarin).

When Sasha told us of this incident, we almost peed in our pants, laughing at the incident. Well, at least, he remembers Sasha’s full name even at such old age, and he learned two new words in English – “Stay back”.

6 thoughts on “Stay Back

  1. It is Ok as long as the old folks can communicate in simple language or dialect, it will be fine…even a mute can be understood by others as long as they make an effort to communicate with others. I believe this world is quite accomodative and majority of people around us are quite considerate. Someday we will be another old folks around and we need to connect with the youngsters as long as we are not dementia ( by God’s mercy). Btw why your daughter has such long name? pardon for the curiosity…

    • She’s not my daughter lah. She’s a girl my mom baby sits since she was 2 months old. From mixed parentage – Chinese and Malay. Quite a bright kid.

  2. Shasha is very cute, can master a bit of Hokkien or Teochew? Here in Singapore the kids are “banana”, speaking Singlish, speak Rojak Mandarin, speak no dialect…sigh! Fortunately, my tradiational style ( speak Teochew at home) and circumstances ( baby sit by Teochew speaking mom in law) attribute to my kids speaking reasonably okay Teochew, but Mandarin….really siasui lang!
    Gina, if possible post shasha’s picture for us to appreciate her cute face.

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