Being Considerate

Yesterday, I saw a hostile glances exchanged at the pantry when I walked into it, to get the new tea lady to prepare drinks for guests. It was between the tea lady and the moronic sempit woman.

Since the new tea lady is here, things have been great. The toilet never runs out of toilet paper. The pantry is spick and span. We have 5 boxes of recycled paper all ready for use, unlike previously; we have to hog our own recycled paper because they would disappear into thin air mysteriously. The hand towels in both toilets and pantry are changed every day! The table towel is actually faded white and not like previous times – always coated in black dust and God-Knows-What. It’s a miracle that they could keep the previous tea lady working here for 10 years, doing nothing but to make other people’s lives miserable. Not to mention, letting maggots breed in the water container! Euw….

Ok back to the gist of the story here.

Some people just don’t have common sense. The moronic sempit woman is the epitome of people with no common sense. Whenever she washes her hand in pantry or washroom, she would shake her hands as if they were wet dogs and let water spills all over the floor. Then, the cleaner or tea lady would curse because they have to mop the floor, worrying some people might slip and fall. I hope that one day she would slip and fall due to her own doing!

Then, every morning without fail, she would be eating nasi lemak and drinking limau ais. So what does she do with the seeds? She would pour left overs into the sink, with all the seeds inside and hence clogging the sink. If she could do this in the office, I could only imagine the worst for her own home. Imagine how many times she has to call the plumber to her house and perhaps she spent her entire salary on plumbing alone.

She is a wasteful lot too. She would use the condensed milk with a vengeance in her coffee and let the can drip of spilled milk at least 1 teaspoonful every time she makes coffee, which irks the shit out of the tea lady. So, the tea lady now only punctures two holes on the condensed milk cans to avoid her from spilling unnecessarily. So I guess, yesterday’s hostility in the pantry was due to this – the tea lady refused to hand her the can opener so she could open the can bigger and waste more milk.

I am not sure what makes a person to become wasteful like that, but I think it all boils down to one’s attitude. If a person possesses the aptitude to discern and perhaps, a little common sense to be a little considerate, this would not have happened. Perhaps, she does all these on purpose – since she feels she doesn’t have to pay a cent for using up the milk or other office supplies for that matter, hence she’s not bothered. She even kicked the photocopy machine whenever the machine is jammed – as if a kick would bring the machine back to working condition! It’s no surprise why her husband left her. She probably kicked the shit out of him too.

I know it’s mean to be bad mouthing a person of his or her shortcomings but then, really, I simply couldn’t tolerate her behavior! Some of us did try to talk to her nicely and yet, it was met with denial and harsh words from her. So, what we could do now, is to wait and watch her spiral down further. Some people just don’t deserve to be helped.

2 thoughts on “Being Considerate

  1. i guess this happens in most offices, where ppl take things for granted. company paying, so it’s ok to waste. got ppl to take care of the pantry, so dun bother to clean up. really can’t stand these ppl!

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