The Dusun

I was away for a weekend getaway to the Dusun in Kampung Pantai Baharu, somewhere near Seremban. When Jazz suggested going over there, I was a little apprehensive. Nature? You mean like a jungle? Geez… haha. Somehow, I was taken by the photographs in the website and agreed to it readily.

Pork noodles at Subang

We started our journey, having breakfast at the famous pork noodles place in Subang. Took us almost 50 minutes waiting for a bowl of goodness – luckily, the pork noodles was really good. It’s damn expensive though. RM5.30 for a small bowl and RM6 for big. Since we have time to kill while waiting for another kawan, we just obliged.

Went to Jaya Grocer to shop a bit for our BBQ stuffs and went to pick up a friend. In Seremban, we made a brief stop at the wet market. It was a good thing that the market is still open at 3 pm, so we basically get all the raw ingredients that we wanted – some minced meat and ribs, sweet potatoes and lamb chops.

Before going to Dusun, we had our late lunch at Nasi Ayam Kenyalang. It’s rice with grilled chicken. It was good too.

Ah.. it’s durian season

We reached the Dusun about 3 pm and Helen happened to be standing nearby the swimming pool with other guests. She showed us to our house – the Tembusu, perched at the top of the place. We learned that this site that housed Tembusu now, was previously the first atap house for the Todd’s family, built by orang asli. There are pictures everywhere in the Tembusu house, we learn history of the place, basically by looking at the photos shown.

View of Tembusu House towards the BBQ deck

I like Tembusu House for its privacy. This house could fit 4 persons maximum. It has its own kitchen and BBQ pit. It’s truly a relaxing get away spot.

One thing though, since we are surrounded by nature, presence of mosquitoes is expected. I don’t know why that I don’t have my Tiger Balm ointment with me when I needed it the most! I always pack my first aid kit with Tiger Balm ointment and Minyak Angin and never used it during my travel but this time, I want to use it and don’t have. Haha! So people, remember your mosquito repellant, tiger balm ointment or Mopiko.

Stuffed capsicum with minced meat, bacon and cheese

We prepared some dishes – actually, more like my friends prepared the dishes for BBQ while I walked around and took a nap. Hahaha! I am such a lazy ass. Got lah.. I was busy taking photos and videos of them preparing food. Haha! After we finished preparing the food, it was about 6 pm when the rain started to drizzle. We didn’t let it dampen our spirit though – so the gang went to take a dip in the pool while waiting for the rain to stop, while I spent the time taking a short nap and watching some tv series on Yuin’s lap top. Ah yes, bring along a socket extension too. They have an ipod player too.

It was indeed a blessing that it rained that night. Otherwise, it would be too hot to BBQ. Sailor Boy went to start the fire while we girls prepared food. We were given a tray of mosquito coils, tea light candles, matches, fire starter. So basically, we were all set for BBQ.

Our kawan, Sailor Boy got all excited to put his culinary skills to practice. He has been watching all kinds of cook shows on tv and couldn’t wait to dazzle us with his skills. He even brought along his own set of kitchen knives, grater, chopping board, sar-pou-lang-chang, etc.. and even a blender! Talk about obsessive! Well, even if he only use the blender’s container as a shaker for his oil + kikoman concoction to be used on BBQ meat , we think he did great! LOL!

Kudos to the gang for the lovely food, especially our Chief Chef – Sailor Boy or his new name now Gordon Mah (after Gordon Ramsey) or Juice Blender if you prefer. LOL. It was an experimental time for us, to marinate the food ourselves and surprisingly, almost everything was good! We even have siong tong lala – too bad we didn’t bring wolf berries, otherwise it would pass as the authentic thing – Lau Heong’s style!

View of the hills

At night, as we prepared for bed, since it was an open air concept – with the balcony open to the woods, I was a little worried for creepy crawling insects and mosquitoes. I remember going to Titi Eco farm and we had bugs flying all over and got themselves caught in the mosquito netting. However, my fear was unfounded as it was really comfortable sleeping, without mosquitoes ringing in your ears. It tends to get really cold at night too, so no air conditioner is required.

Jazz asked me if I could sleep with the crickets sounds at night. She must be kidding me. Hahaha. I could practically sleep anywhere and anytime. I guess that is why most of my pictures in their cameras are in comatose state. It was a lucky thing that they didn’t take a video of me snoring away.. or did they???

A short walk around the Dusun

The Tembusu House reminds me of my late grandmother’s house in Balik Pulau, Kg. Genting. We used to stay in our grandma’s house when we were children during Chinese New Year. Since it’s hot in the afternoon due to the zinc roof, we would go out into the woods to play. The water we took bath in was sourced direct from a waterfall nearby grandma’s house. At night, because of frequent electricity tripping, we actually use gasoline lamps to guide us. It was so much fun. Unfortunately, they reclaimed the land and paid off the “squatters” to do a major development, which didn’t even materialize and caused the owner bankruptcy. I guess my grandma’s house is still there, dilapidating. What a waste.

The nice and cozy swimming pool

You can also opt for jungle trekking to the nearby river, which would roughly take an hour to get in. It can be arranged. We didn’t go for trekking because we are a bunch of lazy asses. Haha. Also, we didn’t bring along our trekking shoes.

The Dusun is a nice place to get in touch with nature. Back to the roots, the basics. Rain water is harvested and used to wash utensils and bath. Organic wastes can be recycled as fertilizers. Glasses and plastics are recycled. This is what sustainability is all about.

13 thoughts on “The Dusun

  1. Oooooh … I checked out the website in your link… Have managed to get the cost there … Divine place … Fell in love with their Berembun lodging pics!

  2. Hi Shorthorse: I think this is the place for you and Fatdragon, since you like hiking.😀 The Dusun is quite strict about the number of people though. So if just you and Fat Dragon, Berembun should be good, but lack of privacy coz it’s just next to the pool.

  3. Shorthorse/Unkaleong: The owners are not locals – They are Helen & David Todd. But they have been here for ages since the 1980s.. so basically, they have assimilated into the culture of the locals there. Can read about how they build this place up since the 1980s in photographs – found in Tembusu House. Pretty neat stuffs.

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