Yesterday, I reminded my boss that I will be on leave next week.

Me: Boss, I am going on leave next week ah.

Boss: Oh? How many days ah?

Me: The whole week.

Boss: AIYOH!!!!

I tried not to laugh out loud at his unprecedented reaction. It was really hilarious. You should see his face.

Me: …(as calm as possible) But you are also taking leave what. 27th to 28th Oct. 26th Oct is Deepavali. So… technically, you will be on your own for only two days.

Boss: Oh… yes hor… hahaha. *Sheepish*

It’s good to feel that I am totally “indispensable” for a little while.. even if he didn’t mention the word “indispensable” – I guess a loud “aiyoh” would suffice. *Happy*

Anyway, I am going off for a week to Beijing. So, wishing you guys a good weekend ahead and, Happy Deepavali to all!

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