How Bizarre

There were a series of events which made Friday the most bizarre day to date.

Bizarre #1

I was driving back to office after lunch when I stopped at a junction, I saw two men on two motorcycles struggling. I thought it was a case of snatch theft. Both motorcycles were moving, so it was really dangerous. Then, I saw one of the men on the vehicle was a policeman. I was in shock and hope no one falls off their motorcycles and then, I saw what was really happening.

The other guy on the other motorbike was pulling the gun off the policeman’s pistol holster. Jesus! And I thought it was a snatch theft case till I saw the policeman laughing! He managed to pull back the gun back to his holster and sniggering away.

I am not sure if the gun was loaded, but what if it was and the gun misfired and somebody got hurt. I, for instance was in my car at the junction, waiting to cross the road when this happened. It’s a good thing that owning a gun here in Malaysia is illegal. Imagine the guns in the hands of such idiots. Wait a minute.. one of them is an idiot with a gun. Geez.

Bizarre #2

I went to watch “The Thing” in Kepong TGV last night at midnight. It was a cold, cold night. When we got to the hall, it was almost deserted and my cousin, Gas Stove shouted rather loudly – “Wah!!! Nobody ah???”

It was then, we saw 3 head bobbing at the front few rows. She sheepishly went to her seat and toned down her voice. After awhile, a few people came in. As I was talking away with my cousin sister, suddenly she froze and stared to the front right. I followed her gaze and saw a “zombie” walking towards us. I thought we were in the wrong hall for the movie.

The zombie was dressed in security guard’s uniform in blue and was holding a police baton. Full make up, etc that made a couple screamed. Then, he said, “Congratulations!” and another guy neatly dressed, gave the couple a magazine and some free movie vouchers. I wasn’t sure what was it all about, but Gas Stove said rather loudly – “How come we don’t have one??”

Then the Zombie came to us pulak. Hahaha. It was hilarious. Watch out for TGV’s facebook and you will see Gas Stove’s picture inside –pulling punches with the Zombie and suffocating him!

I guess it’s just part of Halloween and TGV is doing some promotional stuffs.

Bizarre #3

Continuation from #2, before the movie even starts, droplets of water fell from the air conditioner vent right above me. Luckily, the water fell on me before the movie starts! Couldn’t imagine if this happened when we were half way through, and the alien got away and was hiding. Suddenly, a drop of water, followed by a few more fell on my shoulder! It would be so creepy!

Also, if you wanna watch “The Thing”, for a better special effect, please do so on a cold, cold night after a heavy rain in a dark cinema. It would be as if you were also in Antartica together with the scientists hunting for the Thing! As for me, together with the water droplets on my shoulder – I got more than I bargain for! Please bring along your sweater!

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