Colorful Weekend

Friday, 25th November 2011

The long weekend started on Friday night with an invitation to one of our project sites in Kuala Lumpur. Some colleagues wanted to learn how to take photos of night scenes, so they roped me in for some pointers. Well, I am no expert, but am glad that, at least, I managed to give some tips. Here are some of my shots of the KL skyline.

After taking photographs, we went for dinner at Sek Yuen and ended the night having tong sui at Jalan Brunei, near Pudu. Absolutely heavenly.

Saturday, 26th November 2011

On Saturday, I was invited to Jasmine’s place for Sarawak Laksa together with some common friends. It’s nice to have friends cooking for you once in awhile – We miss Datin terribly. We miss the weekends we spent at his house, having a good meal, watching Astro and criticizing all the contestants in Mr Hong Kong! How we miss those days! Then, Yuin decided to surprise us with a chocolate cake which he made till 2 am. LOL! The cake is good – the moisture is just enough, the cake is not overly sweet, except for the unsightly whitish stuff on it, failed white chocolate coating – it was legendary! We chatted the hours away, nap a bit then made our way to Fahrenheit for ramen. Jasmine managed to score groupons of RM10 per bowl at Muratama. Absolutely delicious!

Sunday, 27th November 2011

Got up early to go to Sekinchan. I’ve been there many years ago with Sekinchan Boy. The place hasn’t change much but I noticed it’s cleaner, with better tar roads. The paddy fields are still beautiful vast of green, but I don’t remember the rice mill there. They have a short educational talk for visitors to the rice mill factory. It was getting commercialized. I guess it is still a good place to get away if you are staying in Kuala Lumpur, looking for something not too taxing to do on a weekend. We were there for the steamed fish head at Ka Lok Restaurant. Simply big and fresh! Here are some of the photos snapped of the paddy field.

Monday, 28th November 2011

Since it’s a long public holiday, many of us spent time at home with the family. Then our cousin came over to cook, roast chicken and curry chicken. After lunch, my sis and I went to Mines to attend a book launch by a friend who wrote about happiness. It’s all in Mandarin so.. it’s unfortunate that I don’t know how to read Mandarin. Sigh. I bought a book anyway, as a gift to my friend. After that, we made a short trip to Big Bad Wolf Aftermath Sale and managed to buy 11 books for only Rm50!

I hope your weekend is just as eventful!

10 thoughts on “Colorful Weekend

  1. how do u take those beautiful skyline pictures. m really bad at night pictures which usually turn out black! sounds like you had a good weekend!

  2. Haha. Girls.. so so lah the pictures.

    The most important thing for night photos is a tripod. Whether you like it or not.. otherwise, you can opt to put your camera on a flat surface like a table or the balcony – but it’s dangerous lah. Haha. Next, use a remote if possible. Mine dieded on that day.. *sigh* So I used timer.

    First photo was easing towards twilight – so, it was a hand held photo. Make sure you hold your breath while pressing the shutter! I set it at 1/3, f8. ISO200.

    The second photo – I was merely testing the shot, but somehow pleased with the blue skies. It wasn’t that blue actually, but I set to slower shutter to maximize the absorption of light. 4s, f8. ISO200.

    The last photo – I was trying to snap the moving clouds – so I put the camera into slower shutter. 30s, f16, ISO200. It was not very sharp coz the wooden platform that I put my tripod – well, people walk about, hence a bit of out of focus lah. Hahaha.

    Wah.. speak like pro. Like real only. LOL. I am still learning. Am a really… really LAZY photographer.

    PS. If you wish to take the scenery with yourself in it – use the external flash.

    • Lol! Not teaching professionally, but I can give a few pointers lah. most photos you see in this blog – I used either Aperture mode or non-flash auto. LOL. Like I said, lazy mah!

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