Happy 2012!

Here’s a conversation this morning with a friend..

Me: So, what’s cooking?

Friend: sooooooooooooooooo …………….
mmm…. cooking for tomorrow….
I don’t know. What about you?

Me: Oh.. going to Singapore to spend the year end.

Friend: enjoy yr trip to Lion island. actually, it is strange where on earth there is a lion in S’pore / M’sia
lions can only be found in Africa
I think we hv been conned by history
hv u ever come across a lion in M’sia and S’pore in the wild ?

Me: lol
we have only tigers right?
true also… damn!

Friend: how can there be a lion on the island for Parameswara to name it as Singapura I beginning to doubt our history lessons
all bullshits

Me: maybe it’s a mutated tiger or maybe the tiger is feeling particularly theatrical on that fateful day that it donned on a wig.

LOL. Sorry. I shiok sendiri.

Come to think of it.. we have been living a lie all along.. and we hardly question our history and never look at facts when we were informed of something. We just got spoon feed with lies and more lies! Well, something to ponder upon right for this long weekend? Right?

Okay, don’t want to end the year on a sour note.. so, I will just be dropping a short note to wish you guys have a blessed and happy 2012!

Housemates From Hell

Yesterday, I was waiting for a friend in the car when I saw his housemate walking out from the house. It was a lucky thing that I was forewarned before. My sis dubbed him as "Calvin Klein Underwear Model". Well, if he’s young and has a body ripping with muscles, I think I wouldn’t complain lah. LOL. This housemate is well in his 60s and he walked out from the house in his triangular shaped magenta underwear.

I couldn’t believe this. If this is the swimming pool, probably it’s fine lah. But no.. he walked around his house compound only in his magenta underwear. To make the whole incident even funnier, he suddenly squat down to open some durians. LOL!

My friend was disgusted by this. He’s a guy by the way, but then, unfortunately, he simply couldn’t tell the uncle off. Since the house belongs to the old uncle’s sis-in-law, he couldn’t do anything. All neighbours were very disgusted as well. There were young girls staying next door and this fella just couldn’t care less about anybody! My friend was totally embarrassed by this uncle’s antics. He said if this uncle does not respect himself, he should learn to respect others. What is so difficult to don on a proper shorts and not walk around half naked in only his briefs! And he dares to even walk outside the house! I wonder if someone could file a complaint of indecency?

I think everyone has a fair share of housemates from hell. I remember vividly when I was in college, there was a guy housemate who had a total crush on this girl in our house. When the relationship between other housemates and the girl turned sour (to cut long story short – it was all about money and some people are just overly calculative!), obviously, he took the girl’s side till the extent of threatening to put a black magic on us! I still remember my room mate’s face turned as white as sheet when she saw the psychotic guy scribbled something similar to a Chinese talisman. Then, I went to consult another friend who was into such things and she gave us two Buddhist talisman to "counter the attack". LOL! So, it was a big relief when he moved out in the end because the girl he liked also moved out but didn’t ask him to go along with her, eventhough she’s moving into her own house – bought by her dad. She took his coursemate as her housemate instead of him. Haha! Karma is a bitch!

Random Notes

1. Oh my God.. the sound of the drilling is bad. I felt like a piece of meat in a grinder.
2. Should I close my eyes or keep them open?
3. I swear the nurse is wincing. I think my teeth are beyond help.
4. I should have visited the dentist more often!
5. Oh God.. when is the drilling going to stop?
6. I better curl up my tongue to avoid it from being cut!
7. Ah.. great.. get to gargle now.
8. What should I eat for supper later?
9. Why can’t they invent a machine to take thoughts dictation? It would be cool!
10. What should I get? Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1? 7.0? 8.9? Dilemma, dilemma, dilemma. Sigh.
11. Please, Nurse. Stop staring at my mouth. I feel damn embarrassed.
12. I wonder if they notice that my toes are curling up.
13. Ah.. maybe later on, I go home and download “the Dentist”. Horror movie back in the 1990s.

* At this point, the dentist said, “Oh GOD! SUCH A BIG HOLE! I think we must pull this one out today!

14. Ah? Pulling out the Wisdom tooth?? NOW?
15. Ah.. I remember her telling me this back in 2008 (!) that she won’t patch the cavity because it would be pointless. Waiting for it to further deteriorate and then pull.
16. I wonder if they sell Polident? It’s for my aunt – fyi.
17. Should I get the Cosway mop?
18. I should floss more often like a good girl.. sigh.
19. I must remember to ask how is Ki Ki?
20. Woah! Cool! The tooth is out and I don’t even feel it!

The above are some random thoughts while I was at the dentist for 30 minutes. I have a very active mind.

Quiet Christmas

I was looking at a friend’s status on facebook and he talked about attending Christmas parties and having hangovers. Haha. I know, Christmas is not all about parties. For Christians, it’s the day to remember the birth of Jesus Christ and His sacrifices for human kind. Well.. am not here to preach religion so …

I don’t have to worry about not being invited to any Christmas parties for the past few years because for the past 5 years, I had been part of Datin’s makan gang for Christmas and new year’s eve sans the silly Christmas present exchanges. I don’t like to attend Christmas parties where it’s necessary to buy a present worth RM5 .. with the inflation rate, I think now, the market price for Christmas exchange is set at RM20. Haha Well, seriously, I buy presents for friends as and when I like it – there’s no such thing as giving presents only on selected festive days. I believe, getting together to share parts of our lives irregardless now petty or minute the matter maybe with people you care about most, is the most precious gift one could get – a warm friendship. Now, Datin has moved to Singapore for a better life and would be spending this year’s Christmas in USA with his foster parents. So, that leaves me with no plans on Christmas eve or Christmas itself!

I guess I would be spending the long weekend at home, watching the silly singing competition on tv with mom. I simply couldn’t understand lah what is so interesting. Maybe it’s because I don’t understand Mandarin so, I don’t have any interests in watching the singing competition. I don’t understand the rules and regulations… what PK lah… what this and that.. anyway, mom and my family seemed to enjoy it immensely, so I would either sit my ass down with them or go to my room, watch some DVDs. Or maybe we will drive down to Jalan Pudu for some kick ass yong tofu! Haha.

Here’s wishing you people, a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

P.S. Please avoid shopping malls at all costs this week – it’s going to be last minute Christmas shopping frenzy! I got stuck in a terrible jam going in and out of Mid Valley last year and I vowed no more such nonsense!

Random Notes

Lack of Updates

Sorry for the lack of updates. It seems this blog is slowly turning into comatose state. Haha. I have many things on my mind but then, when it comes to penning it down, the brains kinda go “poof”. I think after almost 7 years of writing blogs, anyone by now should know how my brain works. I believe there’s maturity now – if you compare this blog to my old blog – full of angst. Haha. But I think I was way funnier last time and more sarcastic. I guess age does have a little effect on people. One would just turn mellow.. *Shudders at the thought*

Ern Ern

She’s been doing well. Thanks to friends who wrote and called to ask. She’s been on eating spree since her palate has recovered remarkably. Just that, she has somehow lost interest in the pacifier as well as the bottle. Mom and my sis had to feed her using spoon and “her Majesty” seemed to enjoy this. And she could eat a lot.. a lot as in, more than a bowl of porridge each time! She would go “mum mum” whole day whenever she sees us putting something in our mouth. I guess as a glutton aunty, I don’t want her to be fat either. So.. her “skinny” lessons start from now. Haha! Kidding. We just don’t want to overdo it. I heard from a colleague that her neighbour’s son aged 5, is way too fat and now, he’s suffering from diabetes. That is not good!


Things been rather quiet in office – hopefully it stays that way. Since boss is not around, I had sometime clearing the sampah sarap that flooded my cubicle. Imagine 5 long years of working here.. Wow! Who would have thought I lasted this long. Friends used to be shocked and surprised that I changed job every 2 years and now, they were equally shocked and surprised I am still here. It’s hard to please everybody right? Like this also cannot, like that also cannot. LOL!

Year End

The year is ending soon. Just today, a colleague told me, woah.. Mid December already. Yes.. it’s freaking scary! I guess half of my life is gone by now, given if I live up to 70. I was a little depressed to be getting older then I chatted with another friend online just now. It made me realize that, I’ve been working for 11 years now – in these 11 years, I have good and bad experiences.. live a life I’ve been dreaming about (I am a simpleton, you see, not much needs and wants), have a little car to carry be around which I don’t have to pay for it anymore, basically debt-free, visited many countries and managed to share the stories with friends and you guys, own partial of a house – still servicing loan.. I think this is not bad afterall. I read a friend’s status – “Dear God, I Want To Take A Minute Not To Ask Anything From You, But Simply Say Thank You For All I Have.”  So, thank you, God!

Have a great weekend, everybody!