Random Notes

Lack of Updates

Sorry for the lack of updates. It seems this blog is slowly turning into comatose state. Haha. I have many things on my mind but then, when it comes to penning it down, the brains kinda go “poof”. I think after almost 7 years of writing blogs, anyone by now should know how my brain works. I believe there’s maturity now – if you compare this blog to my old blog – full of angst. Haha. But I think I was way funnier last time and more sarcastic. I guess age does have a little effect on people. One would just turn mellow.. *Shudders at the thought*

Ern Ern

She’s been doing well. Thanks to friends who wrote and called to ask. She’s been on eating spree since her palate has recovered remarkably. Just that, she has somehow lost interest in the pacifier as well as the bottle. Mom and my sis had to feed her using spoon and “her Majesty” seemed to enjoy this. And she could eat a lot.. a lot as in, more than a bowl of porridge each time! She would go “mum mum” whole day whenever she sees us putting something in our mouth. I guess as a glutton aunty, I don’t want her to be fat either. So.. her “skinny” lessons start from now. Haha! Kidding. We just don’t want to overdo it. I heard from a colleague that her neighbour’s son aged 5, is way too fat and now, he’s suffering from diabetes. That is not good!


Things been rather quiet in office – hopefully it stays that way. Since boss is not around, I had sometime clearing the sampah sarap that flooded my cubicle. Imagine 5 long years of working here.. Wow! Who would have thought I lasted this long. Friends used to be shocked and surprised that I changed job every 2 years and now, they were equally shocked and surprised I am still here. It’s hard to please everybody right? Like this also cannot, like that also cannot. LOL!

Year End

The year is ending soon. Just today, a colleague told me, woah.. Mid December already. Yes.. it’s freaking scary! I guess half of my life is gone by now, given if I live up to 70. I was a little depressed to be getting older then I chatted with another friend online just now. It made me realize that, I’ve been working for 11 years now – in these 11 years, I have good and bad experiences.. live a life I’ve been dreaming about (I am a simpleton, you see, not much needs and wants), have a little car to carry be around which I don’t have to pay for it anymore, basically debt-free, visited many countries and managed to share the stories with friends and you guys, own partial of a house – still servicing loan.. I think this is not bad afterall. I read a friend’s status – “Dear God, I Want To Take A Minute Not To Ask Anything From You, But Simply Say Thank You For All I Have.”  So, thank you, God!

Have a great weekend, everybody!

8 thoughts on “Random Notes

  1. Gina. Our life is trully given by God, so treasure it and enjoy our life to the fulllest, for me at my age I consider myself still young and just now I just joined back the Karate which I quit for almost 27 years and I felt that I am equally fast and powerful in my kicks and punches that the Chief Instructor asked my not to participate in the kumite ( sparring), he knew that I was the fighting cock 27 years back. So, at any age just think positively and you will forever young!

    • Fuah! Try not to hurt anyone ya. Haha! It’s good to hear you are still young at heart. I guess it’s all in the mind.. if you think young, then you will be young forever.

  2. Wah! if your blog is in coma, mine is long dead and decomposed already…LOL!
    Hey, I have also worked 11 yrs and finish paying off the car…hee hee…similarities there

    I agree with you, as we age, we become more mellow or Kiasi…haha
    I think you are as funny as before. I am glad the outside may be aging and sagging, but the inside is the same laaa…haha

    • LOL! Actually it’s good to write blogs – I could look back, what I’ve done over the years. It’s quite fun actually and comes in pretty handy when I am doing up photobooks. People are so amazed that I remember dates and details. I told them, I don’t have a super memory, I just have a super blog. LOL!

      Yah.. a lot of places sagging liao. Maybe time to invest on some botox injections. LOL!

  3. Sounds like Ern Ern is recovering very well! Great news! The op was a blessing in disguise wasn’t it, given that it was instrumental in weaning her off the pacifier and bottle:) … Maybe it hurt when sucks on it …

    As for the year end coming … No Gina, you’re not old … You have a lot of spark left in you still and much more to come! Congrats on being debt free and being a partial house owner! As you say, we should count our blessings instead of griping about what we don’t have etc … Thanks for the reminder … That’s why I disagree with your comment about your blog turning comatose!

    • Yes.. no more pacifier. But the bottle thing is kinda handy when you are not free to feed her. She used to be very independent and drinks milk herself but now… wah.. kena fook si like princess. Haha!

      Yes.. I will try to think young.. and ignore the creaking of my bones every morning when I get out of bed.

    • I guess after 7-8 years of blogging, we sort of at loss of words liao.. if we were to write about the same old thing again, we would appear naggy. LOL! TGIF!

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