Quiet Christmas

I was looking at a friend’s status on facebook and he talked about attending Christmas parties and having hangovers. Haha. I know, Christmas is not all about parties. For Christians, it’s the day to remember the birth of Jesus Christ and His sacrifices for human kind. Well.. am not here to preach religion so …

I don’t have to worry about not being invited to any Christmas parties for the past few years because for the past 5 years, I had been part of Datin’s makan gang for Christmas and new year’s eve sans the silly Christmas present exchanges. I don’t like to attend Christmas parties where it’s necessary to buy a present worth RM5 .. with the inflation rate, I think now, the market price for Christmas exchange is set at RM20. Haha Well, seriously, I buy presents for friends as and when I like it – there’s no such thing as giving presents only on selected festive days. I believe, getting together to share parts of our lives irregardless now petty or minute the matter maybe with people you care about most, is the most precious gift one could get – a warm friendship. Now, Datin has moved to Singapore for a better life and would be spending this year’s Christmas in USA with his foster parents. So, that leaves me with no plans on Christmas eve or Christmas itself!

I guess I would be spending the long weekend at home, watching the silly singing competition on tv with mom. I simply couldn’t understand lah what is so interesting. Maybe it’s because I don’t understand Mandarin so, I don’t have any interests in watching the singing competition. I don’t understand the rules and regulations… what PK lah… what this and that.. anyway, mom and my family seemed to enjoy it immensely, so I would either sit my ass down with them or go to my room, watch some DVDs. Or maybe we will drive down to Jalan Pudu for some kick ass yong tofu! Haha.

Here’s wishing you people, a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

P.S. Please avoid shopping malls at all costs this week – it’s going to be last minute Christmas shopping frenzy! I got stuck in a terrible jam going in and out of Mid Valley last year and I vowed no more such nonsense!

6 thoughts on “Quiet Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas, Ginger. Like your blog. Share the same views on gift exchanges. Ho ho ho, guess now we can have a new game – spot-the-daiso/100yen-things – at company parties that mandate nothing-below-RM5 gift exchanges. Looks like only the merchants benefit from it all.

    • Thanks, Lyn! Haha! But I think the Rm5 Daiso shop offers awefully good stuffs.. compared to the previous Hinode shop which gives really made in China stuffs. At least Daiso seems more presentable.. I don’t mind getting 4 x Rm5 note book bags. Haha!

  2. not much xmas mood here in sandland… i wanted to make some stuff for my friends and close colleagues here, but kept putting it off, and then suddenly, it’s 5 days before xmas already! haiz… procrastination… *hangs head in shame* anyway, merry xmas and happy new year to you and yours!

    • Maybe can try to make a snowman out of sand.. the sandman! Haha! I totally never make anything this year or buy anything also.. oh wait.. except for a kitchen knife for a budding Masterchef among my friends – some more he asked for it. Menyampah betul. LOL

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