Random Notes

1. Oh my God.. the sound of the drilling is bad. I felt like a piece of meat in a grinder.
2. Should I close my eyes or keep them open?
3. I swear the nurse is wincing. I think my teeth are beyond help.
4. I should have visited the dentist more often!
5. Oh God.. when is the drilling going to stop?
6. I better curl up my tongue to avoid it from being cut!
7. Ah.. great.. get to gargle now.
8. What should I eat for supper later?
9. Why can’t they invent a machine to take thoughts dictation? It would be cool!
10. What should I get? Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1? 7.0? 8.9? Dilemma, dilemma, dilemma. Sigh.
11. Please, Nurse. Stop staring at my mouth. I feel damn embarrassed.
12. I wonder if they notice that my toes are curling up.
13. Ah.. maybe later on, I go home and download “the Dentist”. Horror movie back in the 1990s.

* At this point, the dentist said, “Oh GOD! SUCH A BIG HOLE! I think we must pull this one out today!

14. Ah? Pulling out the Wisdom tooth?? NOW?
15. Ah.. I remember her telling me this back in 2008 (!) that she won’t patch the cavity because it would be pointless. Waiting for it to further deteriorate and then pull.
16. I wonder if they sell Polident? It’s for my aunt – fyi.
17. Should I get the Cosway mop?
18. I should floss more often like a good girl.. sigh.
19. I must remember to ask how is Ki Ki?
20. Woah! Cool! The tooth is out and I don’t even feel it!

The above are some random thoughts while I was at the dentist for 30 minutes. I have a very active mind.

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