Housemates From Hell

Yesterday, I was waiting for a friend in the car when I saw his housemate walking out from the house. It was a lucky thing that I was forewarned before. My sis dubbed him as "Calvin Klein Underwear Model". Well, if he’s young and has a body ripping with muscles, I think I wouldn’t complain lah. LOL. This housemate is well in his 60s and he walked out from the house in his triangular shaped magenta underwear.

I couldn’t believe this. If this is the swimming pool, probably it’s fine lah. But no.. he walked around his house compound only in his magenta underwear. To make the whole incident even funnier, he suddenly squat down to open some durians. LOL!

My friend was disgusted by this. He’s a guy by the way, but then, unfortunately, he simply couldn’t tell the uncle off. Since the house belongs to the old uncle’s sis-in-law, he couldn’t do anything. All neighbours were very disgusted as well. There were young girls staying next door and this fella just couldn’t care less about anybody! My friend was totally embarrassed by this uncle’s antics. He said if this uncle does not respect himself, he should learn to respect others. What is so difficult to don on a proper shorts and not walk around half naked in only his briefs! And he dares to even walk outside the house! I wonder if someone could file a complaint of indecency?

I think everyone has a fair share of housemates from hell. I remember vividly when I was in college, there was a guy housemate who had a total crush on this girl in our house. When the relationship between other housemates and the girl turned sour (to cut long story short – it was all about money and some people are just overly calculative!), obviously, he took the girl’s side till the extent of threatening to put a black magic on us! I still remember my room mate’s face turned as white as sheet when she saw the psychotic guy scribbled something similar to a Chinese talisman. Then, I went to consult another friend who was into such things and she gave us two Buddhist talisman to "counter the attack". LOL! So, it was a big relief when he moved out in the end because the girl he liked also moved out but didn’t ask him to go along with her, eventhough she’s moving into her own house – bought by her dad. She took his coursemate as her housemate instead of him. Haha! Karma is a bitch!

2 thoughts on “Housemates From Hell

  1. Ahahahhhhh …. Looks like he enjoys pissing people off by walking around in his magenta underwear…. Hmmm, wonder if u can report him to the police for public I decency?😉

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