Happy 2012!

Here’s a conversation this morning with a friend..

Me: So, what’s cooking?

Friend: sooooooooooooooooo …………….
mmm…. cooking for tomorrow….
I don’t know. What about you?

Me: Oh.. going to Singapore to spend the year end.

Friend: enjoy yr trip to Lion island. actually, it is strange where on earth there is a lion in S’pore / M’sia
lions can only be found in Africa
I think we hv been conned by history
hv u ever come across a lion in M’sia and S’pore in the wild ?

Me: lol
we have only tigers right?
true also… damn!

Friend: how can there be a lion on the island for Parameswara to name it as Singapura I beginning to doubt our history lessons
all bullshits

Me: maybe it’s a mutated tiger or maybe the tiger is feeling particularly theatrical on that fateful day that it donned on a wig.

LOL. Sorry. I shiok sendiri.

Come to think of it.. we have been living a lie all along.. and we hardly question our history and never look at facts when we were informed of something. We just got spoon feed with lies and more lies! Well, something to ponder upon right for this long weekend? Right?

Okay, don’t want to end the year on a sour note.. so, I will just be dropping a short note to wish you guys have a blessed and happy 2012!

8 thoughts on “Happy 2012!

  1. Oh you’re celebrating the New Year in Singapura … Or should I say Rimaupura … Have a good one and wishing you a great year ahead of u!

  2. it’s a merlion… not any normal lion, ok? how u know the mer-people of singapore didn’t have their own version of lions? just like that giant garuda that whatisname rode in dunno-which battle against i-forgot-who. ermm… got such story ar? dem, i forgot all my history! ah well…

    • Eh.. I thought your favorite play is Wicked.. it said, “No, it’s not cheapening history, it’s forcing you to look at it from another angle!”

      Haha! Who wrote history? Probably someone with really great imagination.

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