Google Translation is the Best!

All abuzz over ‘Ethical Clothing’


PETALING JAYA: If you are working at the Defence Ministry, be sure not to wear “clothes that poke eye”.

This was one of the many colourful
descriptions of “Ethical Clothing” (etika berpakaian) that is acceptable within the ministry’s standards.

Netizens on social networking sites were literally ROFL, which is cyberspeak for “rolling on the floor laughing”, as they shared the link to the ministry’s amusing English translation of the staff dress code on its official website.

“Clothes that poke eye” is a literal translation of pakaian yang menjolok mata, which is supposed to mean revealing clothes in Bahasa Malaysia. Other finds included: “collared shirts and tight Malay civet berbutang three”, which, in Malay, is berkolar baju Melayu cekak musang berbutang tiga.

Baju batik lengan panjang berkolar / cekak musang buatan Malaysia, meanwhile is translated as “long-sleeve batik shirt with collar / mongoose fight made in Malaysia”.

There was also “shine closed”, which was translated from kasut bertutup, or closed-toe shoes.

Another was the brief summary of the ministry’s history on the website, which read: “After the withdrawal of British army, the Malaysian Government take drastic measures to increase the level of any national security threat.”

The actual summary in Bahasa Malaysia read: Selepas pengunduran tentera British, Kerajaan Malaysia mengambil langkah drastik untuk meningkatkan tahap keselamatan negara dari sebarang ancaman.

The ministry took down the English translated version several hours after it went widespread on Twitter and Facebook.

A ministry spokesperson said a clarification has since been posted on the website, adding that page hits shot up remarkably yesterdayThe clarification on the website said corrective action was being taken on the related software to ensure translations were accurate.

Only in Malaysia….

4 thoughts on “Google Translation is the Best!

  1. Hey i also just posted it up….hilarious!!! What a bunch of clown la and to think it’s a official website of government body.

    • Yes! I saw it on your facebook wall! Haha! I tried clicking on it last night but I think within an hour or so, the website kinda crashed after so many people click on it. Haha

  2. Well …. it’s an obvious case of the poor workman blaming his tools… Pure laziness to use Google Translate…. and obviously they haven’t heard of the word EDIT …

    • Ya.. when I read the translation.. it’s obvious that they use google translation. I am surprised they never edit and don’t even find it weird.. poke eyes.. LOL. I wonder where we could get a t-shirt that says – POKE EYES. That would be hilarious!

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