Bloody Dream

I had a vivid dream during my afternoon nap yesterday. I was drifting in and out of sleep with many scattered dreams – if I remember correctly, I was at a concert and walking about at some European city, etc. when suddenly, images of slain men in prussian blue boxers lying on a slow moving truck trailer appeared. They were all bearded men and they all looked alike! Even the positions of their limbs lying on the trailer were identical, except they were laid a little haphazardly.

I was looking at the trailer from a bird’s eye view. As the trailer was moving along, I saw more dead bodies but this time, I saw their hearts were all hanging out from their bodies. As if they knew I was curious and asking, “Why?”, a voice in my head said to me, “This is to make sure that they are dead!”.

A whiff of zinc pierced my nostrils, I knew for sure it was the smell of blood. There was a man mopping up the blood on the trailer’s floor with two more other people, seen cutting open the corpses’ chest to lay out the hearts, as if they were butchering some dead cattle. Then, they looked up, at me. Their stares sent chills to my spine. I felt suffocated and I woke up, breaking in hot, afternoon sweat.

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