Election is Coming!

I got home from work today and was watering the wilting plants, when a group of three approached my house gate. There were two women and a young man. They asked for my aunt, then my uncle, my mom and dad. They said they were from MCA and were here to give away some angpows for the senior citizens.

I quickly went inside my house to get the old folks. Somehow, nobody was home! This is very unlikely! All of them went out at the same time! There is usually people in my house!

I told the MCA people and thought they would just leave and come another time. Instead, they said, they will leave the cheques with me and asked me to sign on their behalf.  I was elated to find the cheques of Rm100 each in my parents and relatives’ names. The MCA lady explained to me that, my folks were registered with MCA, hence the special angpows. In the end, after all that, they asked for a photo to be taken. Shit! I was in my hideous polka dot uniform! I hope they don’t publish that hideous photo with me forcing a grin because I was too worried to be seen in my polka dot uniform in some country wide campaign! Shit!!! If you see a sotong smiling ear to ear, in polka dot uniform – that’s the idiotic me!

Then, towards the evening, I went out with some colleagues and family for late dinner (actually it’s almost supper time!) when we saw a group of people holding PKR banners walking by. Our Selayang MP, William Leong was distributing Mandarin oranges to the public! Goodness! Haha! All happened within one day! So people, be prepared! I believe election is just round the corner!

4 thoughts on “Election is Coming!

  1. Ahahahaahh… good for your parents … Happy for them… !

    But wow… the coalition gomen is spending money like water … First one off handout for income earners below Rm3K, now special angpow for senior citizens… scary spending!

    p.s. We’ll be on the lookout for u … Ms Sotong in Polka Dots!

    • Ya.. happy for parents.. but imagine, it’s actually OUR money! From the national coffers financed by diligent workers like us and yet, being spent like there’s no tomorrow!

      I am very, very worried about the photo lah.. sigh!!!

  2. Clever, it is our money! This is called lembu punya susu, sapi punya nama, hahahaha, don’t be too happy and we should be worried about our “genius” leaders’ ideas…squandering tax payers’ money for votes buying, in another word, it is an open corruption in the broad day light! During my childhood time in the 70s, the then government didn’t give out ang pow, but instead had given out a real big one…if they (BN) failed to remain in power, there will be another 513, they (BN) even advertised in the media ( Sin Chew Jit Po and Nanyang Shang Pow) and also pasted big posters of this type of threatening message in my kampong’s coffee shops.What a drastic political landscapes have changed over 40 years in M’sia political history.There is no free lunch in the world, after the GE, they (BN) will recoup back from us again.In Hokkien, there is no such a big frog aka bo ang ne ho si(Hokkien).

    • Ya.. I guess that is why they keep saying, Malaysia is going to bankrupt soon.. how not to bankrupt? Cows living in condos.. falling bridges, leaking roofs, flooded bus terminal, not working monorail …. all signs of corruptions on the loose and nothing was being done. Totally hopeless.

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