Chinese New Year Week

I guess most of us are still reeling from overeating this Chinese New Year! If possible, I think I would just like to lie down on my bed throughout the week. Was rather busy since last Friday, preparing for the Chinese New Year. I’ve been given the most important tasks this CNY – to make nin gou and fatt gou! Haha. My mom and sis were teasing me like how Sasha and Lok Lok once fret – the duo said to my sister, she cannot die because nobody else would help them to sort out their school bags before going to school. Hahahah! So now, it’s like, I must not die because I am the only one at home knew how to make nin gou and fatt gou. It was pretty hilarious! Sorry for saying the "D" word during this auspicious week!

As we were preparing for CNY, we received a bad news about our colleague, a pool driver on the eve of CNY. He got into an accident in the morning before CNY and has been in coma ever since. We went to visit him but didn’t get to see him as he was placed in ICU. It has been the 6th day he was unconscious. They did a few surgeries on him to reduce the swelling in his brain. Please, readers, help to pray for Mr Gobinathan so that he would wake up and heals smoothly.

We honored the first day of CNY by going vegetarian. It has been a family tradition. I don’t remember since when we started taking vegetarian on first day of CNY but I guess it’s good. We also observe vegetarian do on every nine emperor’s festival yearly for the whole 9 days. I hope we could continue doing this.

Mom is again the main cook for this year with cousin brother helping her out. Since my skin is rather allergic to all kinds of detergent, I couldn’t help out at the kitchen. The skin on my fingers suffered from itchiness and redness after making nin gou as I kept washing my hands with detergent when I was in a hurry.. shouldn’t have done that. So, the week was spent only doing light house chores and ensure that I use gloves when touching detergent.

Yesterday, our neighbour hired lion dance troupe to bring luck to their house. Other neighbours flocked along to check out the auspicious occasion. This is probably Ern Ern’s first lion dance. She too has a small lion we got from hampers and dancing it along to the beat of the drums. The best part was, I noticed there were many young children in the troupe, playing the drums and gongs! It’s motivating to see children participate in enriching and preserving cultures. And to our surprise, they were little Indian children! Haha. Talk about muhibbah! We don’t need our government to tell us how we should mingle. We have been having this harmonious relationship for so long and yet, some people need to use the racial card to divide us!

I hope your CNY has been great so far. I kinda loathe eating too much left overs. Luckily this year, we didn’t overcook. So everything was fine. We try to have as many simple meals as possible as I told my mom, it’s not necessary to go extravagant. Moderation is key.

6 thoughts on “Chinese New Year Week

  1. san nin fai lok!

    as for sensitive skin, my skin not allergic but i find washing with detergent too much dries up my skin. so i always put a bottle of liquid hand soap at my kitchen sink for hand-washing purposes. u can try that too…

    • San nin fai lok!

      Ya.. I know.. but I lazy bum lah to go to the bathroom to wash my hands.. some more usually, when you are cooking or baking, you memang kanjiong! And simply use any soap you could find within reach. Now, I make sure I use proper soup for my delicate hands!

  2. Yup …. overindulgence during festive periods really takes a toll on the body weight!!!! This year in particular since X’mas, NY and CNY was like so close to each other … Oh Mercy!

    • Shorthorse: This year, we are doing moderation! I didn’t even lou sang too many times.. Just twice this year! Perhaps another time this Chap Goh Meh – depending on mood. Haha. Anyway, I guess most important is not really the food – it’s the time spent with family while preparing food or cleaning house – priceless!

  3. Hi there! Great blog:) Just thought you should know, there’s somebody out there plagiriasing excerpts of your post. Word for word.

    [blog url deleted coz.. why should I want to help generate traffic to the plagiarizer? right? Haha]

    • Well, like they said, plagiarizing is perhaps, a form of flattery. I am in shock that she would copy excerpts from my blog without crediting me! Goodness! Look at her own description – asked for permission or credit for using her photos! Thanks for telling me. Anyway, let her be lah.

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