Nian Gao Part 2

Hi there!

Am sure some of you have tried to make nian gao using my recipe I posted last year’s CNY. Well, I’ve made some updates – trial and error to make the steps more accurate. So feel free to try. I am here to share some of the latest nian gao I made for my family and friends this year!

Medium sized fish

Big fishes!

Cute little gold fishes!

I got the fish moulds from the bakery shop. They are made of plastic. You may reuse the mould after steaming. Ensure the fishes are cool down at least 20 minutes before toppling them over into a plastic container, greased with vegetable or olive oil. Ensure you grease the bottom of the fish too before toppling them over. For the eyes, I used black beans. Ensure you select black beans of the same sizes! Otherwise, your fishes will have uneven eyes! Haha! Also, ensure when you are steaming, your mould do not tip or was placed on uneven surface.. you might ended with Siamese twins fish if the dough was spilt over!

Happy Jade Emperor’s Festival!

11 thoughts on “Nian Gao Part 2

  1. where’s the recipe? share ler… my pinay colleagues kept asking me to bring back “tikoy” from my trip home and i was like “huh? wat’s dat lar?” then only i know it’s our nian gao! “tikoy” meaning “sweet cake” (hokkien “ti” and “kueh”)!

    • Hahaha! Sorry ah! I baru je linked the last year’s recipe into this post. Haha! As long as you can find glutinous rice flour and sugar, a very powerful blender (coz it’s really difficult to blend the caramelized sugar! You might lose a blender in the process! LOL!)… and you are ready to go! The caramelized sugar is rather tricky though. In my house, I have this fast heat wok from Buffalo – high heat, so caramelizing sugar is pretty easy. We did use some cheap wok to caramelize the sugar and it took us ages! So it’s good if you have a fast heating pan. I wonder if microwave works?

      • ooo… thank u thank u! but looks like a lot of work… hahaha… also, i dun have the “ka-chang” tools make. maybe i’ll just copy and paste the recipe for my filipino friends, since they like it so much. thanks again!

  2. WOW! so nice laa….How come I see this sooo late. I bought one from the market, cost me a freaking RM17 for a large one.
    I must learn to make my own now. Zoe and me just loves to eat nian gao.
    Thank you for sharing the recipe Gina:)

    • Poh Nee, it’s quite easy to make but, have to jaga jaga the blender coz, my blender was overheated a few times.. luckily it was a good blender, so still can salvage.. I think other cheap blenders sure rosak one making nian gao. Hahhaha! If you nak, one day, can ajak meet up, buat sama sama.

  3. The fireworks @ OKR in the wee hours this morning knocked my socks off. It was surreal. It was like, my fireworks are better than yours! *BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!* repeat till infinity.

    Much like your nin gao, which looks da bomb!

    • I think everywhere was the same! The fireworks started before midnight and then, non stop till almost 1.30 am! I guess it’s a good that they don’t fire anything after 2 am! I remember last time in my grandma’s place, they played firecrackers throughout the night! Every hour, there’s somebody playing with firecrackers! Annoying giler when people play fireworks at 4 am!

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