Birthday Note to Self

Happy birthday! Well, who would have thought 12 years ago you would be able to so what you are able to do now. When you started working about 12 years ago, you were being paid peanuts but you worked willingly and with a happy heart. I guess things are always better when you could see the brighter side.

I guess at this age, one tends to be really contented. Not entirely a good or a bad thing. Somehow your ambitious side vanished totally. You came to a realization that no matter how high positions you hold in an organization, you would probably won’t attain happiness. Like they say, lonely at the top?

Never try, never know. I know deep inside you, you wish you could do more. Not for your own sake. It’s usually for others, especially your parents. You always argue with them and sometimes don’t see eye to eye (especially dad, which is like never? Haha) but, you have a kind heart and you always think to do the best for them. As the years go by, your parents are getting older, so, spend more time with them, if you could just stop staring at the computer all day long! (So, if I suddenly disappear from blogsphere, don’t be surprise! I still have a life outside this virtual world! Haha!)

Even though you fall short of expectations for yourself; I think you did pretty okay. You just want to keep everything as simple as possible. Don’t you ever wish that you would have this kind of mentality many years ago, probably it would save you from a lot of heartaches.

You are starting not to take things too seriously. I can’t imagine you were so anal many years back when you would flip whenever certain ideals were not met. Sometimes, I wonder why you can’t be a perfectionist about your weight. If you were, you are probably thinner now. Haha. Well, there are always regrets but then, I think if you can accept this as fate, so be it. Otherwise, do something about it. It’s your life, you know.

Well, I will try not to be too hard on you today since it’s your birthday. You could do better but, I guess you have done pretty well. I guess, so long as you don’t trouble or give problems to others, it’s great. If you feel lack of something, then look for some inspiration to do something about it! No point to whine. Actions speak louder than words. Be a doer!

PS.  How old am I? Well, it depends on how many comments this post would gather. Hahahha!

18 thoughts on “Birthday Note to Self

  1. A big blessed Birthday to you Gina!
    You are beautiful just the way you are, althou we have never really met yah. I have seen your Mom thou! hehehe
    I love reading your blog (you are very frank) and please don’t just dissapear laa, give us a hint to sewlf prepare if you really feel that one day you wanna stop blogging :p
    Happy Happy Birthday!
    p/s: i think we may be same age ..hehehe

    • Thanks, Poh Nee.. actually, I don’t look like my mom at all.. except maybe her smile. Haha. I guess we are probably the same age lah. I tahun Naga! LOL!

  2. Uh oh … Adding another year with this comment but the ‘younger’ you are, the wiser, no? .. In line with the mood of your note to self …. Nothing is more precious than being comfortable in your own skin …. Good for you my friend!

    • Hahaha! I think cannot reach lah my age, since I am SO MUCH older now and this blog has been around for ages.. I am surprised there are still people reading it! LOL!

      Thanks, Mei.. I think nothing is better than being able to accept oneself – good or bad.😀

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