Datin introduced scones to me during his many dinners invitations. So, I learned what scones are from him. He did savoury types – with onions! After that, I had other fabulous scones at Seri Carcosa. The butter in the scones is oh-so-aromatic!

Since Datin has moved to Singapore for work, we no longer have the privilege of savoury scones. *Sad* I woke up one day, feeling the urge to eat scones. I didn’t want to go to Seri Carcosa again – well, it’s not economical! In such bad economy, one has to devise ways to attain something one wants!

So, after almost 2 weeks of scones craving (yes, I am a bloody procrastinator!), I finally search for a recipe to makes scones. I remember Kimberly’s blog, with pictures – which is good for a noob like me. I never baked using an oven before – fatt gou and nin gou don’t count! Heck! I had to call Datin in Singapore to find out what flour to buy! *Shake head* So, I thought, I would make it if it’s easy.. otherwise, forget it! Just go to some place that serves scones!

I was glad to have found this in Kimberly’s blog. She’s awesome! Thank you so much for such easy-to-make recipe! The post is very informative and has easy to follow steps!

Anyway, since I am using a very small oven toaster, I baked the scones for 15 – 18 minutes instead. Also, I added some raisins in just before pouring the milk into the bread crumbs like flour + butter.. and Datin advised me to keep everything cold, so I basically put the flour, sugar, milk, etc in the fridge before baking.. I decided to skip the microwave part – of the milk coz the microwave is kept in the store room (coz we hardly use it) and too lazy to heat up the milk. Haha!

So, these are my scones.. tah dah!! Not too bad looking ya?

Raisins scones

14 thoughts on “Scones!

  1. i have just been asked by a friend on Sat nite whether I could bake scones! This post really come in just in time.
    I baked some carrot cup cakes using pre-mix for my friends and I think it did not turn out that nice laa…tak cukup kembang! haih!

    So, gonna try this scones before my hubby label the oven we bought as a ‘big white elephant’ :p
    Thanks Gina!

    • Haha! You can give this a try coz it’s really easy to make! This is probably my first attempt at baking and it was successful. My friends asked WHY I chose such a difficult thing to do since it’s my first baking stint.. but I’ve proven them wrong. Hehe! Good luck!

    • Sue, I think for lazy people like me ah.. small oven should be good liao.. I think my oven cost no more than Rm120 and it was a white elephant also…I think we used it a few times only only to reheat Lord Stow’s Portuguese tarts I bought from Macau! And cousin bro used it to roast a chicken.. and almost broke the oven! LOL!

  2. Wow … I can just imagine the aroma of freshly baked scones wafting through your house that day! Reminds me of Cameron Highlands … They look great! Just like the ones made by the housekeeper in the Eu Yan Sang bungalow called Mrs Chong … She makes kick ass scones too ..

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