Random Notes

General Election

I think almost everyone is talking about it. The government can be elusive about it.. but I just got an sms from Digi to check for my registration via sms and of course, they charge 20 sen per sms. So people, better ensure your name is registered. Let our voices be heard!


I wonder if my brains are playing tricks on me, but I kept seeing police squad whenever I got out from my house. I saw them in the morning, in the afternoon, at night. Sometimes, saw them stopping people riding on motorbikes and checked their ICs. Not that I am complaining.. in fact, I was rather glad with the increased police presence in Selayang. So, here’s a shout out to the Police force in Selayang – Keep up the good work! Hopefully, they are able to control the crime rate in this area.. Selayang is quite crime infested. My mom said, she hardly see suspicious men lurking around anymore. With that being said, we also need to be extra careful and not to let our guards down.

High Police Drama

Over the weekend, as I was busy baking scones, I heard the siren of a police car. I didn’t think much about it till the next day, I was told by my colleague whom I fetch to work every morning that, they managed to catch a thief. But she wasn’t sure for what. Then, my uncle who lives nearby told me that, they were actually chasing after a stolen car. There were 4 robbers inside the car. Somehow, they crashed the stolen car and got away on foot. Since it was a Sunday, the robbers ran into the pasar malam nearby and the police lost them! I wonder why wouldn’t anyone noticed 4 people running like crazy in the pasar malam.. they could have probably helped the police to nab those culprits. As usual, some people are just kiasi and too selfish.

Adopt a Pet, Don’t Buy

I saw this article today in the Star. I couldn’t emphasize enough that one should be aware of his or her responsibility before considering to have a pet. Like the case of my neighbour, two dogs were given by their friends for the newly married couple. After they have children, the dogs were neglected and basically trapped in the cage for over a year before I started to pressure them to give up their dogs. Giving animals to friends as birthday gifts can be cruel if these people don’t ask for them. You would cause unimaginable grievances to the animals. I was at a shopping mall last weekend and was horrified that they are selling a cat for RM900 – a plain normal cat that could be easily found in the back alley of my house! I mean, if you want a cat, am sure you can find them in the back lane of your house! Why pay RM900?? Pedigree dogs prices go for around Rm1,000 onwards. I think if one is truly loving and caring towards animals, go to SPCA or any other animal shelters to adopt and not buy. Some people unscrupulously breed dogs for profit. It’s a slavery trade for animals!

Don’t Drink and Drive

Just last week, my sis and husband and Ern Ern went to her in-law’s house for dinner. On the way back, a motorcycle suddenly swerved and knocked into their car and fell down metres away. Luckily, they were driving slowly, so they could stopped in time, not to go over the guy! They saw a MyVI sped away. They were not sure if the motorist was avoiding the car and knocked into my bro in law’s car. The motorist was hurt. So, they got down their car and called the ambulance. After being asked a few questions by the emergency team on the phone, my sis was asked to check if the man is still breathing. She didn’t even have to walk near him and smell of strong alcohol emitted from the man! It’s obvious he was drunk. When paramedics came, they asked the man the same question, has he been drinking and he admittedly said yes.

Just this morning, as I was driving to work, I saw a car plunged into the drain nearby my house. From the wreckage, it’s obvious that someone ran their car into this car and knocked it into the drain! The person is probably drunk! My instinct was right. My uncle who lives nearby saw this happened. He was smoking outside his house at 1 am, when a white Honda Accord turned and swerved dangerously and knocked into the car. The car plummeted into the drain some 50m away from its original parking. The man again, was drunk. Seriously, if you want to kill yourself, I think there are many other ways to do it. Rather than causing misery to others because of your own self pleasure.

3 thoughts on “Random Notes

  1. Well… won’t be surprised if your no. 2 and 3 topics are related to the first…… heh heh heh….

    Good thing your sis & fly were not hurt … Thank God for that!

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