Series of Addiction

I know I am some sort of neglecting this blog. Why? Other than not traveling much this year – hence less stories, I’ve been busy watching series after series! But usually only American series. To make matters worse, Astro suddenly offered me cheaper super packages that come with Astro On Demand. I don’t really watch TVB series but accidentally sucked into addiction by my family members because all they care about now is channel 923 to 930! We finally finished watching L’ escargot which is quite interesting lah. I think nothing can beat Rosy Business though. That Chai Kow story… totally gripping!

So this is a post about some of the series that I watched/ am watching.


Got this addiction from Dr And. He introduced to me while we were at Datin’s place, parasiting. LOL. He loaned me a few boxes of DVDs and I got hooked from Season 3 onwards. Season 1-2 was rather bland. Things got interesting right after they introduced an angel named Castiel in it. Yes yes.. Misha Collins is hot! Haha! That is why I am supporting his cause – the Random Act Org. Everything was really cool and gripping till Season 5. Seriously, I wished they stopped right after Season 5, which is considered the highest point of Supernatural, Dean or Sam should just stay dead. Now, I couldn’t even finish Season 6. It was so.. BLAH!

How I Met Your Mother

I remember Neil Patrick Harris from Doogie Howser days. He was this super cool kid back then! I find the story line in HIMYM is more interesting and creative compared to Friends. No offense to Friends’ fans but I couldn’t get past Season 1 of Friends. I find them to be too perky for my liking. *Yawn* HIMYM sort of taught me how to see your friends in a different perspective. No matter how much they degrade or troll Barney, they sincerely care about him, vice versa. I guess sometimes, that is why when you have friends pissing you off, I think it’s because each and everyone of us has our own principles to live with. So if we have our own principles, others too! So if we can’t accept their principles, why should they accept ours? In the end, no matter what conflicts you have with your friends, I guess it derived from your own stubbornness (in a nicer way, you stick to your principles) but that doesn’t mean you guys couldn’t be friends? Just put such negativity aside, pay more attention to the positive sides. If the friend acting up like a bloody d*ckhead or b*tch, just feign ignorance. That way, you keep more friends than you made enemies.


If you are beautiful, life journey is a battle half won. James always said this to me. You get things done if you are beautiful or handsome! This show proves just it. Nancy Botwin is a single mother whose husband died. She is left with two children to feed. In order to finance her high maintenance life, she had to do something about it.. so she sold weeds. It was such a joke to see how lucky she got out of trouble – thanks to writers for keeping her alive right through Season 7. Everything was kinda morbidly funny till Season 7. Things sort of took a nose dive in Season 7. I guess… you couldn’t be lucky forever. So I am not too sure if they shot Nancy Botwin at the end of Season 7.

True Blood

I guess this show has more details about how a vampire should be. Kinda like the idea of how human and vampires co-existed and the invention of Trublood by the Japanese. Haha. They even have flavored blood – A+ or A-, B+ or B-.. so on and so forth. It kinda make The Vampire Diaries – wearing a ring could block out the sun… or Vampires that sparkle in Twilight so damn lame LOL! It is als one of the series that create awareness for the LBGT rights, which I totally support! Season 1-3 are interesting, but not Season 4. I somehow couldn’t tolerate the hallucination by Sookie Stackhouse after drinking Eric Northman’s blood and Bill Compton pinning for her.. geez… don’t waste your time lah.


Season 1 – Blood and Sand and the pre-quel Gods fo the Arena are interesting. Too bad the original Spartacus, Andy Whitfield died after fighting cancer. The new replacement, Liam Mcintyre is too … mild mannered for my liking. I think he lacks charisma to play Spartacus. Not intense enough. Nevertheless, I hope the new Season wouldn’t be a disappointment.

Modern Family

Growing up watching Family Ties, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Fullhouse, I didn’t know that there would be another dysfunctional family that would work magic on the tv till I watch this. Modern Family is so witty and hilarious that made you couldn’t stop watching episode after episode. At first, I find Manny Delgado a little too wise crack for my liking but then, he proved to be quite a charming wit as the show progresses. Can’t wait for the next episode!

The Big Bang Theory

I am currently watching the Big Bang Theory. Eventhough I couldn’t comprehend most of the times whenever Sheldon or Leonard said something scientific, I still find them super hilarious. It is a show for science nerds, how they interacted socially and among themselves etc but surely appeal to non-nerds like me. I think the producer, creator and writer are such geniuses to have come up with such hard facts with comical twists that it definitely warrant awards after awards. I think I could safely say, I am not a nerd.. but.. who cares? Being a nerd is cool! Being nerds can make you rich! Look at Mark Zuckerberg! Haha! Please excuse me while I get my daily dose of nerdiness from 9 pm to 12 am. Gawd! I am a nerd!

6 thoughts on “Series of Addiction

  1. Of all the shows above, I only watch Big Bang Theory.
    Love Sheldon Lee Cooper (J Parsons). He’s such a nerd, lack of social common sense that makes him so funny.

    • I guess it was Sheldon Cooper that brought the life in this series. Not to mention the rest of the very supporting casts too. I like Leonard also for having to put up with Sheldon for so many years. Hahahaha!

  2. Oh… both Fat D and I liked Spartacus! Yes, what a pity about Andy Whitfield.. R.I.P. ….. As for True Blood … hope you’re watching the uncensored version….🙂

    I recommend the Games of Thrones…. Watched some but also missed some episodes of the series …. but am loving the book! Hey.. how about the Walking Dead? You like it? We do…

    • Shorthorse: Why would anyone wanna watch censored version? LOL! Games of Thrones hit the snooze button for me.. I couldn’t get pass the first few episodes. I have Walking Dead but have yet to start watching.

  3. what channel is big bang theory on?😛 im addicted to my astro too!
    i watch how i met your mother, new girl (which i absolutely love!), downton abbey, modern family (hilarious!!), a gifted man, necessary roughness, glee! and also some anime….😛 luckily i no AOD otherwise even worse!

    • I don’t think it’s on Astro. I guess you can get it from DVD shops or the broadband (lol!). How I met your mother is super hilarious. I cannot watch New Girl – eventhough I super love Zooey Deschanel in 500 days of Summer.. she appeared to be overly ditzy and perky in New Girl. I only watch one episode and the hot friend of hers doesn’t know how to act. I think they are trying too hard. Glee.. I can’t get pass the Season 2, so I stopped.

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