Cruel Society

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” ― Mahatma Gandhi.

It disgusts me to read about abuse of animals all over the internet. Just last night, I saw a few friends posted pictures of abused dogs. Some unscrupulous people just left their two Schnauzers in a box in Setia Alam. One of the dog died, believed to be chasing after the owner’s car in his last plight to beg to be taken home. Another dog is still alive. Then another friend posted a picture of a dirty and malnourished dog chained tightly to the fence, defecating and eating at the same tight spot. Also, the big hoo hah about a hawker who poured boiling water onto a stray dog. I wonder what the world has come to?

I wonder why would people do that? Just get the dogs for the heck of it, then abandon them? Same goes to my neighbour who was given two dogs as wedding presents. It is NEVER a good idea to buy an animal as presents! After a few months and their baby came along, the two dogs ended being caged up, fed, bathed, peed and shat in the same place. Thank God they finally came to their senses after many months of coaxing to give the dogs up. Also, thank God I have friends who are willing to take in the abandoned dogs. Thank you for that!

Once, I saw a very old dog lying in the middle of the narrow lane next to my house. Every time a car turned into the lane, the dog would be chased away by honks. She would slowly crawl and limp to the side. I pitied the dog. Luckily she managed to walked closer to the side of my house and rested there. I could see she has a collar but she looked abandoned. Her legs were wobbly and couldn’t walk too far. I placed a bowl of water and some food next to her. An hour later, she was gone. At least she ate the food and drank some water. Sometimes I wish I could take in abandoned animals but unfortunately, my family doesn’t like having pets.

A friend shared with me her story too. Her neighbour is also an animal abuser. They would tied up their dog and left him in the sun or rain. They never walk the dog, and let him eat and shit at the same place. All other neighbours complained about the stench because the house owner never bothered to clean up the mess. Some kind people walked by the house, even placed packets of dog food in front of the house gate for the owner to feed the dog. The dog grew skinnier by the day. After a few complaints and warnings, finally the Vet Dept came in and seize the dog from the owner. And they thought that was the end of it. To their horror, the idiotic neighbour took in two more dogs back and treat them the same way! Just to spite the entire community!

I sincerely hope that the government would pass the new law as soon as possible so that people who abandon or abuse their pets be brought to justice!

2 thoughts on “Cruel Society

    • Yes.. some people abuse children and animals because they are unable to fend for themselves. “Heroes” eh? The person who murdered and burnt little Dirang will pay for his despicable misdeeds! I hope and pray that her soul will be at peace.

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