On Wednesday, it was another headless chicken day. There were plenty of documents for my boss to sign, so I was compiling them for him. After he has signed some of them, I proceeded to distribute them back to the colleagues who sent them. I discovered some errors in one of the documents which was not seen earlier so I told the person to amend it. Then, I popped it back to my boss’ room for his signature. I wanted to tell him that, I am sorry but he has to sign again because there were some errors not discovered earlier, but he was busy talking to another colleague so I decided to tell him once he stopped talking. Then, the phone rang so I had to pick it up.

Before I could tell him that it was an amended document, he quizzed me. “Eh? I thought I’ve just signed this letter? Why did you bring it back to me again?”

Feeling slightly mischievous, I teased, “Oh.. I am testing you actually. To see if you sign your documents blindly!”


Damn! Luckily he was in a jovial mood that day, otherwise I would risk getting fired for this stupid mischief!

The colleague who was in the room with him was stunned with my mischief. I could swear her face suddenly drained of colors. LOL!

My boss laughed it off and said, “Seriously.. sometimes, I really don’t have the time to look at what I am signing. Hahaha! I probably sign my life away!”

All of us laughed like happy hyenas as if we had found a bountiful of fresh carcasses in the wild.

Speaking of mischief… today, am at work in my T-shirt pajamas and nobody seemed to notice. Phew!

5 thoughts on “Mischief

  1. Hahaha! Ms Hyena! Hahaha! Well, I wore this particular t shirt to bed the night before.. so not wanting to change another one, to avoid washing too many shirts, I wore the shirt I slept in to get to work.. LOL! It’s basically a t shirt worn for sleep – hence, T-shirt pajamas!

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