Cravings for Bon O Bon

My cousin came home with these chocolates sometime last year and she couldn’t remember who gave her these. I think our ex colleague also given us this chocolate before after her trip to Hong Kong. I think she got it from this Japanese shop, selling many types of confectionery. I’ve been hunting high and low for these the past few weeks. I dropped by Candylicious at ONE Utama last night and couldn’t seem to locate these chocolates.

So anyone has any idea on where to buy these?

PS. I am not pregnant.. but I don’t know why these chocolates would make you crave gravely for them once you sink your teeth on one!

20 thoughts on “Cravings for Bon O Bon

  1. Gina, I may try to hunt for this for you in Singapore if you desperately craving for it. I have the weakness for choc also, but owing to its tonnes of calorie which may affect my shape ( I am not a model) and fitness that may ultimately affect my Karate training, so I have to shelve my crave for a while.

    • Thanks, Jack! I hope you don’t purposely go look out for it. Just let me know where to get it, then I will get friends who will travel to Singapore to buy some back. Hahahha!

  2. will look for it here in sandland, but if got also, won’t be able to get it back to u so soon, esp if u’re craving for it… candylicious only carry a few choc brands, so dun have to bother looking there larπŸ™‚

    • Perhaps you can just go try it yourself lah.. you not going to buy and send me some also… not cost effective lah. Hahahha! I hope you enjoy it!

  3. at aqaba,jordan….there is lot of this Bon Bon choclate selling everywhere. it is so easy to find at any shop in Jordan

  4. There are argentinian!!! go to Argentina, visit our country and enjoy bonobon!!!!!!!! there are several types!

  5. They have them at a grocery store called bravo in fort Lauderdale.I actually just had one and I wanted to know if they where sold in ny and came then I saw u were lookin too

  6. These are made by Arcor from Argentina and available for purchase
    On We do produce these in different flavors but the yellow wrapping is the original. Dont hesitate to call is @ 1-800-57-Arcor

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