Jiu Min

Kids say the darnest things. Ern Ern is no exception. At such tender age of 19 months, it’s almost impossible for a toddler to understand so many words. I guess it’s true that they said, girls learn language faster than boys. Ern Ern could understand what we tell her to do and she would give appropriate or sometimes, we think it was coincidental!

Here are some of the “conversations” we had.

Conversation #1

Me: Ok, sit here. Don’t go anywhere!

I sandwiched her between my ginormous legs to avoid her from getting away. She was struggling out when she said, “Jiu Min! Jiu Min!”

I was wondering, “What Jiu Min? Who is Jiu Min?”

Then, she screamed louder. “JIU MIN! JIU MIN! JIU MIN Ah!!!!”

Oh! She was saying, “Help me!” in Mandarin. LOL!

So I let her out from my grip and couldn’t stop laughing.

Mom said, this morning, she placed Ern Ern on her potty, and she also said, “Jiu Min! Jiu Min!” wanting to get out from her potty. Hahahah! It was hilarious!

Conversation #2

We were watching Amazing Race 20 on Astro when contestants were smoking the bees out of their hives to get to the honey.

Ern Ern: Bee!

Me: Clever girl! You see, so many honey bees! Buzz buzz buzz!

Ern Ern: Bee Bee!

Me: Yes yes! Cannot play with bees ya! Later bees will sting you. You see, buzz buzz buzz! So scary!

Ern Ern: Pain pain!

: Yes! You will be in pain if you get stung by a bee!

Conversation #3

She didn’t want to sleep so, mom asked her to “study”. Haha! Yes, we are really kiasu people! Study here means, looking at a colorful animal kingdom book! Or watch Barney, Tigger and Pooh or Sesame Street!

To that.. the lazy bum said, “Tired!”

LOL! We don’t know if we should laugh or cry.

Conversation #4

She is very tam chiak! (Greedy when she sees food) So whenever she see a can or tin of food, she would ask us to open for her.

She would say, “Open!” when she sees me or my sister and “Kai!” in Mandarin or “Hor wah!” (“give me” in Hokkien) whenever she sees my mom or my aunt. She knows how to use different language or dialects when it comes to addressing people. She sometimes speak Hakka with her dad.

And whenever she drops something or spill something, she would say, “OH NO!” and both hands touching her forehead! Seriously hilarious!

You wouldn’t believe it that, what her first words are? The most predicted one, “Mum!” as in food, followed by “Elmo” and “Aiyoh!” LOL! Papa and Mommy came much later and now she calls her mom, “Nyammy” as in Yummy. Hahahha! And the little rascal calls me by my Chinese name because she heard what my mom has been calling me.

Sigh.. in no time, she will be talking back at us. I dread the coming days.

8 thoughts on “Jiu Min

  1. hahaha… quite a chatterbox, eh that kid? i guess switching languages comes naturally to kids, without them making a conscious decision about it, due to the environment they’re in. kids just tend to absorb everything because their mental development is much advanced compared to their motor development, such as forming the words that they already know in their mind with their mouths. that’s y need to expose them to as many languages as possible, and they’ll pick it up effortlessly… it’s when we get older that we find learning a language (and everything else) so difficult. so envy neh…

    • I guess so.. yes, so now we try to pile on her whatever language she could pick up.. not sure if it’s a good idea to let her watch BLEACH. LOL!

    • Yah.. you should hear her voice.. macam kitten, saying jiu min.. not jiu ming ah.. hahaha. Nanti I see if got chance to snap her video but, usually it’s quite spontaneous, so susah to record.

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