The Old Blog

For the past two weeks, having nothing much to do, except baking and cooking (yes.. suddenly this bitch can cook!), I went to check out my old blog. The familiar old dark and pastel green colored template. Then I signed into the blog and was prompt with a message, saying they are upgrading the website, so prompting me to have a look. So, I went to have a look.. and a look becomes tweaking.. tweaking becomes replacing the old blog with a new template!

Then, suddenly, all the comments in haloscan were gone. Hahahhaha! Actually, I knew that haloscan is moving to Echo soon. Heck! I even paid USD10 to maintain it some years ago! It was a good thing that, I actually painstakingly migrated the comments from the old blog to a new wordpress as a mirror image! Of course, it wasn’t an accurate 100% mirror, there were some other comments along the way – even when the blog has been defunct over 6 years.. with a recent one, dated November 2011, asking me if I am still in Malaysia! Hahaha!

So, after that, I decided to go though all over the procedure again. Yes.. I am not really THAT techkie as I hope I am actually. I did try to see how to migrate the comments from the old haloscan to blogspot commentary but I think my brains got fried after reading the first step. Haha! So I decided, screw it. Further, I didn’t save a template of the previous blog theme… so, forget it.

For the past one week, I’ve religiously copied over 4,000 comments back into the old blog. That is how MUCH your comments mean to me! Along the way, I wouldn’t say I didn’t enjoy doing it. I rediscovered my humorous self. How I managed to blog the way I blogged in such care-free spirit and most of all, the friendships that have been forged through this old blog, wonderful friends like Datin, Jasmine, Yuin, Takeshi, etc – just to name a few. I noticed, how much I’ve grown over the years! 6 years to be exact! I’ve been blogging 8 years! In 8 years, so many things have changed for my friends and myself. For better or worse.

Jasmine commented that all my friends have changed – almost everybody I knew was gone from the old blog. Not totally gone lah. Some friends got married and have children. No more time to go for Fei Chai trips. Hahahaha! And also, most people didn’t know the drama behind all that trips. But, it’s been a great few years and am glad that, even as things started to slow down, at least I could still look back and smile; no matter how silly, I’ve done my best and survived it!

I’ve been thinking. Should I revive the old blog? Or let it be to be immortalized as a “legendary” fei chai trips’ blog. Hahaha. *Perasan*

6 thoughts on “The Old Blog

  1. wow…8000 comments..that is a lot to be copied

    Jasmine is partially right – some of us have changed, dynamics of our gang changed a bit but nevertheless whenever we gather together – it does not matter when or where – we would be the same gang..


  2. eh no lah. i meant most of the people you mentioned in the old blog are the ones i don’t know apart from datin… not that they are gone. lol.

    if you revive the old blog, then will you still be blogging here?

  3. Eh Datin… 4000 comments lah.. mana ada 8000?? So kua?? Hahhaha!

    Yes yes Jasmine, I know what you mean. The old Fei Chai gang – two guys – one got married, the other one is getting married. And the girls too are getting married or got married.

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