North Bound Trip

Apologies for lack of updates. Apart from being awed by the amount of people who turned up for BERSIH (I didn’t go because I am such a chicken shit!), I went up north for a short trip with my family and also, to attend an ex colleague’s wedding in Changkat Jering.

Well, I guess I would keep this post and coming posts short and well illustrated because, I guess nothing beats nice photos right? Haha. Perasan habis. Sendiri say photos nice!

We went back to Taiping on Saturday night. The journey was surprisingly smooth, given that it was a long weekend. We chanced upon a few Bersih participants when we stopped for a short break. I wanted to say Thank You to them for standing up for our rights but didn’t manage to because the group was walking away when I got out from the toilet!

Simpang Hua Soon “Fireworks” Char Kueh Teow

The first thing we did when we reached Taiping, was to scout for this Char Kueh Teow. I guess this Simpang Char Kueh Teow is probably the first to use duck eggs. According to my aunt, duck eggs used to be cheaper back then and many people opted to have their CKT with chicken eggs because it was such a luxurious treat. Now, it’s back to duck eggs and duck eggs now are so expensive! The old uncle frying the kueh teow has nifty hands, alternating between frying, adding on charcoal and pulling a pulley which connects to the wheel of fan which fans the fire. It was really cool! My aunt read the mandarin words on his stall sign board. It says, “Simpang Hua Soon’s Fireworks Char Kueh Teow”. How apt! The sparks of fire from adding the charcoal indeed look like fireworks! He noticed I was snapping his photos so he grinned at me with his toothless mouth. Am certainly proud of Taiping local hospitality!

Fruits to make assam gelugor

The next day, another group of friends and family came to Taiping. We met up at the Larut Matang hawker center for food. What you may try here, I guess, you would have known by now as I’ve been blogging about Taiping trip a few times. So, we went about ordering the usual, the fishball char kueh teow, the pasembor and nyonya kuehs. We stopped by several places to snap photos. The Taiping War Cemetery, Maxwell Hill and the Lake Gardens, making a brief stop for cendol before we proceeded to Changkat Jering to attend an ex colleague’s wedding in Kampung Paya.

Random snapshots of Charcoal Factory

Mangrove Swamp

After attending the wedding, we proceeded to Charcoal Factory in Kuala Sepetang and also made a brief stop to visit the Mangrove Reserve. The Perhilitan has done a great job maintaining this area, I must say. We stopped by for a quick tea time snack – curry mee! and kon lou mee! before we proceeded to rest at my late grandmother’s house along Trump Road. Now only I noticed, the road is named Trump, even way before Donald Trump is known to us Malaysians. LOL!

Alrighty.. I will continue tomorrow, on Kedah to Perlis posts. Stay tuned!

10 thoughts on “North Bound Trip

  1. Oh…goodness the Hua Soon char kueh teow still exist until today, I used to patronise this stall when we moved from Kuala Sepetang to Simpang New Village 30+ years ago. This stall used to be at the traffic light junction corner, ever since the stretch of shophouses by the traffic light been dismantled , I thought Hua Soon char kueh teow might be gone into history. Gina, where is this stall’s location right now? Your charcoal factory pictures really stirred up my nolstagic feeling on my erstwhile home town where I used to play there with a short pant and bare footed whole day… Gina, it’s your fault!
    Ps: the Bon-O-Bon chocolate is nowhere i can find here in Singapore, sorry for that!

  2. Hi Jack. Hua Soon is still in Simpang, along the same road. It’s now in a shack before the Simpang Wet Market. If you come from Changkat Jering or Taiping Utara exit, then you have to make a u turn towards Taiping town, to turn to the opposite road, moving towards Kuala Sepetang.

    Yes. I had this Hua Soon CKT back in 2005 too, in the Simpang shophouses. I thought it was gone for good till my cousin brother brought me there again!

    It’s ok about Bon Bon. Thanks ya!😀

  3. wah, u really ‘kuasa’ hor, go all the way there for an ex-colleague’s wedding. i notice u’re always going to far-far places for ppl’s wedding. i really sembah u lar. i won’t be so kuasa, unless it’s my really really good friends.

    and ur photos are really good, esp now with instagram. hahaha… i love instagram! it really gives our photos very good ‘feel’, kan?😀

    • Hahaha! No lah. So happened, I was around the area. Actually, going to friend’s wedding who live faraway is kinda fun, you get to attend the wedding, then go jalan jalan at their hometowns! In KL one.. just go makan only. Cis. Hahaha!

      This one happened during a long weekend. And so happened I was in town, so might as well go.

      These photos are not instagram lah. Using SLR punya. I use picasa to edit a little. I don’t use photoshop coz it’s too troublesome! This one, can do it in just one click! You should try!

        • Piknik is now closed liao. But they migrated to Picasa PC! So ah, easy lor! No need to go online to Piknik anymore! You can do it offline!

          • oh ok. but i dun really like picasa pc lar. it always pandai2 copy my photos from my hard disk onto picasa folder in pc… sometimes programs that r too pandai also not good! hahaha…

  4. Wow… The char kuay teow’s breathing fire alright …. Banyak ‘wok hei’ as the Cantonese say ….

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