While at Taiping, my aunt fallen ill terribly. It worries me that she refused to see a doctor. After bouts of incessant vomiting, she said she felt better and needn’t see the doctor. The next day, she was greeted again by another bout of nausea and vomiting her guts out. So, we took her to the doctor almost forcibly.

We went to this Taiping Specialist Clinic along Jalan Taming Sari, nearby Taiping Hospital. I haven’t been to this clinic in ages! Choi! Touch wood! Haha!

This clinic has a retro feel to it. Imagine, I am already 36 years old and I visited a few times since I was just a child. Of course I cannot remember lah. My mom told me, Dr Low Hen Hock is very famous and he’s very good at what he’s doing.

Many Taiping folks come to his clinic for medical assistance. It was proven by the very long queue. We waited more than an hour just for consultation. It was a good thing that, the toilet is clean, so my aunt could use it as and when she felt nauseous.

While waiting, I noticed that most patients are well in their 60s to 90s! There were two old aunties walked into the clinic and they said to me, this clinic usually treats “old sickness”. I flashed them a smile.

There was this really old woman, I think she could possibly be in her 90s, walking slowly with her walking stick, accompanied by her daughter or maybe grand daughter. They looked almost alike, just a few decades difference. The younger woman held onto the old woman’s hand while walking to the consultation room. It took her awhile to get there. After consultation, the older woman came out and sat beside me while the younger woman waited at the dispensary for her medicine. I wanted to snap a photo of her very old wrinkly hands but decided against it. It might terrorize the old woman! Haha!

My cousin earlier told me in the car, of his experience when he took his mom to the nearby Klinik Kesihatan near Kuala Sepetang. There was an old lady too, partially deaf and couldn’t understand what the young doctor was saying. The young doctor was relieved when she saw my cousin and he helped her to interpret in Hokkien on how to take the dosage of medicine.

The young doctor said, she was newly transferred there and she couldn’t speak the local dialect. It frustrates her that, the old folks are seldom being accompanied by their children to see her. Sometimes, it’s difficult to interpret words like increase dosage, use sparingly, etc and it is dangerous to take certain medicine without proper guidance.

Then it dawn upon me that, this might happen to me when I am old and grey with nobody to accompany me to see the doctor, given that I am going to be an old spinster. Well, “lucky” for me, I could understand English and Malay fairly well. It’s just the part where you need someone for you to hold onto when going into the consultation room.. Or worse, inability to drive and need to use the public transport that is “super reliable”. With that being said, it also doesn’t guarantee that it would be better if you have children. Some even couldn’t be bothered to find time to visit their parents when they are still alive and well! What more sick?? Just look at the lonely, partially deaf old lady. She said, her daughter refused to come with her to the clinic because it’s wasting her (useless daughter!) time. Sigh.

I shudder at the thought. Well, I just tend to over analyze things.

6 thoughts on “Nostalgia

  1. Oh hey…. How’s your aunt? Was it some sort of food poisoning or something? Hope she’s recovered from all that vomiting….

    • Thanks for asking. Not as simple as food poisoning. Her right kidney now has stone. So have to drink more water and take medicine to see if the stones can be flushed out. Otherwise, have to go for operation.

  2. sure got alot of ppl wil accompanny u to see doc la
    given the fact that u hv taken good care of them
    plus they damn kepoh sure wan to see u sakit apa ma

    if i m in kl we take taxi together go see doc ok? after see doc go makan besar

    • Haha! Want to see if I can die faster is it? Hahahhaha!!! Thanks, Datin. Your words always warm my heart and made me feel so important! Thanks for being such a great friend!

  3. Thank you for posting this very personal and poignant insight on the reality of the elderly confronting primary care in Taiping.

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