For the past six months, I’ve been hearing stories of friends and acquaintances of cheating spouses. Some had taken drastic measures of divorcing their spouses. Some still in denial over what had happened, blamed everyone else including well-meaning family members but themselves for what happened. Some forgotten that, their spouses had sacrificed their health in order to fulfill their respective partners’ wishes of having biological children by undergoing countless, emotionally draining and physically taxing medical examinations and procedures, just to give birth.. only to be thanked by their spouses walking out on them and getting into another person’s panties.

It’s a really sad, sad day and affairs that broke up so many families, leaving little children with only a parent. I know, marriage is always a work of progress. I certainly hope, people getting into such union should believe in the sanctity and purpose of such union, and not marrying for the sake of marrying.

I happened to chance upon this article, which reveals the top 10 signs that your spouse is cheating.

Top 10 signs of a cheating spouse

1. A sudden need for privacy and space

2. Secretive phone calls – their phone is usually on silent and practically strapped to their bodies

3. Constantly dropping their new “friend’s” name in conversation

4. Change in regular work habits

5. Behaviour that doesn’t add up, such as not being where he/she is expected to be

6. Spending more time on the computer and always deleting browser history

7. Household duties and chores become neglected, time spent with family also declines

8. Partner suddenly makes it a point to inquire about your daily whereabouts, to make sure the coast is clear

9. Unaccounted-for gift items show up in the home, like new mobile phones, perfume bottles and gift vouchers

10. Ironically, you may in fact be accused yourself of having an affair

It’s really sad when love is betrayed in a supposedly sacred union. What a victim could do, to pick up what’s left and think of the best for his/her children.  And I wish them all the best.

4 thoughts on “Cheating

    • Yes.. and they kept saying, unmarried people are problematic.. Hahaha! I think it’s those married people creating problems! Like this case, she was a married woman with children and yet, go and have affair with another married man with children. Well, nobody could have their cake and eat it at the same time. There’s something called karma.

  1. You know what …. the most innocent victims here are the children… A lot of people … get married for the sake of getting married, have children for the sake of having children…. as a result, some get bored & indulge in affairs… sick state of affairs! Adhere to Pink Floyd’s advice! Don’t be another brick in the wall!

    • Yes, children have to suffer because of irresponsible acts of their parents. Speaking of bricks.. I remember seeing our leader putting a brick on a building and it landed in 9gag. LOL! For misalignment of bricks. LOL!

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