Prayer for Baby Hansen

I was at the hospital last night, bringing my aunt and uncle to visit their grandson, Hansen. Hansen was born with a congenital heart condition called tetralogy of fallot. His toes and fingers were blue when he was born. After many months of agony and sleepless nights, finally, we managed to find him a heart surgeon in Gleneagles Hospital. Thanks to my friend, Annie, who recommended the doctor. He has been a pillar of strength and a calming effect in the face of uncertainty.

When we got to the ICU, only two persons were allowed to go in at a time. So, we took turns. Didn’t know what to expect, I thought there would be a glass door or something to shield between the patient and visitor but no. He was placed in a rather spacious cubicle. There he was, lying unconscious, with tubes hanging from all parts of his tiny body. My eyes welled up with tears and heart was deeply wounded when I saw him in this state. No young infant should be subjected to such disease! One thing I noticed though. I think his skin looked more radiant now, as his heart was mended. I am no doctor. But, I could see improvement in his skin color. At least, not so yellowish grey anymore. He has healthy, glowing skin!

My cousin brother told me the procedure that Hansen underwent. They have to stop his heart from beating and drain his blood all out into an incubator to keep the blood warm. Once the heart is fixed, they would pump the blood back into his body. It was like watching Grey’s Anatomy! The wonders of modern medicine!

Today, I didn’t visit my nephew because I was swamped with work at the office. I heard that he’s awake now and rather alert. Started to throw his pillow away – which is really him, because that’s what he does best! Throw things around! But he couldn’t fetch them back this time. I pray, pray and pray that he would have speedy recovery. There’s a world of wonderful possibilities out there, waiting for him to explore!

8 thoughts on “Prayer for Baby Hansen

  1. i believe that after baby hansen survive such a big wok safely, we will surely enjoy a good long blessed life from now on

  2. Throwing pillows already…. Well that’s a good sign indeed!
    Our prayers go out to his speedy recovery … Get well soon baby Hansen… A pillow fight with auntie Gina awaits you!

  3. Thank you all for your kind wishes and prayers. Happy to announce that Hansen has been transferred to normal ward as of today. We were told not to visit him too often because, it agonizes him! He wants to be carried but we couldn’t. My heart bled at the thought. But, tomorrow, we will visit anyway.. probably see him from afar.

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