Impossible People

I had this friend when I was little. We would play whenever my mom took us to visit our late grandmother during the weekends. We always look forward to the trip because of so many friends there. The village children in Kuala Sepetang were accommodating lot. We made friends without even trying. We sort of grew up together till we moved to KL in our early teens. I remember this friend, Ah Wan, who was the son of a shopkeeper staying just two houses away from my grandmother’s.

I was told he died of cancer. Not too sure what cancer, but cancer it is. He was single when he died, I think. His grandmother (still alive) is an evil person. Since he was in a dire state, his grandmother forbids the family from spending money to find him a cure. Of course, no parents would want to see their own children die before them, so his parents tried their very best to nurse him back to health. He succumbed to cancer last year, breathing his last in the hospital. His grandmother refused to have his body at home, to conduct the ritual ceremony of sending off the dead, because she said, neighbours would think that she died!! So, they had the ceremony at a rented funeral parlor.

The grandmother (still living) would complain all the time, throws tantrums at her daughter in law, till the stage where her daughter in law, couldn’t take her years of abuse, ran away from home! She would throw tantrum by throwing things all round the house, or purposely dirtied the house, to make the daughter in law clean up the house, saying all kinds of derogatory words at her. No wonder nobody wants to come back to visit her.

So last week, she was feeling a little under the weather and complained that, her children and grandchildren didn’t come to visit her and demanded them to visit her as she might not live that long anymore. Yes, she is a drama queen. A mere cough or flu, she would demand a visit from her children and grandchildren. I think she is probably in her 90s now. So, the joke was – after her incessant complaints to her son who lives with her all these abusive years, her fed up son handed her a kitchen knife and said to her, "Nah.. since you want to die, make it quick!"

LOL!! The old woman cried and cried and called her son, in-filial!

Hahahahha! Sorry.. this was supposed to be a solemn post, remembering my dead friend, Ah Wan. But I couldn’t help it, imagining the reaction on the old woman’s face when her son said that to her. I guess Ah Wan, who probably lived with his grandmother would feel it’s liberating too that his dad could stand up to his grandmother like that!

2 thoughts on “Impossible People

  1. it’s always stories like this that shatter my misconception that all old ppl are nice and kind. i’ve always thot that no matter how bad a person is when young, he/she will mellow down towards their golden years. apparently not all old folks are like that la…😦

    • I remember last time, I went for piano lessons in a house, the grandchildren are always yelling at their grandmother. Imagine, all of them about 18-24 years old, being rude and pushy towards their fragile grandmother. Till one day, she accidentally knock down a kettle and burned both her legs. Still, the grandchildren shouted at her. Nobody actually bother to check how she was. Whenever I am there, I would try to talk to her, to keep her entertained but she would just smile sweetly at me, saying nothing. Apparently, she was a very bad mother in law, always abusing her daughter-in-law, beat her all the time and sometimes starved her. So, now, the grandchildren grew up, witnessing the abuse of the grandmother towards their own mom, that is why they are hostile.

      I am glad the grandmother passed on then, after I saw them shouting everytime I went for piano class… which made me lost interest and respect.. so I didn’t do well. I didn’t blame my teacher lah. I am just not talented… but I couldn’t stand old people being bullied despite what they had done when they were younger…


      As for this old lady, I really don’t pity her.. coz, she also sold my grandmother some rotten eggs and short changed her everytime my grandmother went to her shop to buy some groceries!!

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