Blogs Progression

If you notice, most blogs since 2000s are slowly moving in one steady progression, except those who stopped blogging altogether.

This seems to be a steady pattern of progression in most still active blogs. Well, this is merely my generalization lah.

1. We all started with petty, mundane things in our lives (like going to the dentist lah, complaining about traffic jams, this and that – Well, I am still stuck in this mode.).
2. Food! Glorious food!
3. Clubbing, house parties, party like crazy with a lot of vomiting here and there, hangover. Haha!
4. Finding love. (Well, I gave up on this long time ago)
5. As finances got better, everybody started traveling.
6. Suddenly, everyone scuba dive (except me).
7. Suddenly, everyone runs a marathon (except me… NEVAARRRR!!!)
8. Then, some people started baking and cooking, and nobody actually believe they could at the first place! (Guilty as charged).
9. Suddenly, everyone sponsor a child and does charity (which is good!).
10. Then, almost everyone got married and have kids. Haha!

I guess blogs, in some way is a good place to record all these stages in our lives. I never regretted blogging. I still read my old posts in gingerlyyours and they made me chuckled, not because I was funny. I think I could be ridiculous at times and said the darnest things! Somehow, I’ve mellowed A LOT. Not so much angst anymore. It’s nice to see people progressed so far in their blogs, how we have matured over the years, and now having the ability to sit back and laugh at our young and boisterous ways. I wish I had been more level headed though. There were certain things that I regretted but well, if we never regretted in this life, it’s probably we never took any risks or chances. Having said that, I surely hope I could mitigate my regrets or learn to accept as it is. Nothing seems to unfazed me anymore.

4 thoughts on “Blogs Progression

  1. hehe… good analysis. i’m guilty as charged in a few of your points too😛 but actually, i’ve been thinking of closing down the blog altogether, due to sheer laziness. but at the same time, tak sampai hati also, coz the blog grew with me.

    u chuckle at your past entries… i CRINGE at some of mine! yikes, tak sangka i was so childish last time… (>_<) but it's all part n parcel of growing up, i guess…🙂

    neeways, here's to more great posts from u! cheers~

    • Got lah.. chuckle and cringe at the same time. HAHAHAHHAHAHA! Yes.. so damn childish hor? Haha! Not to mention overly bitchy. Hahahah!

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