Super Broke

Sometime in March, I got the shock of my life when I saw my credit card bill. Astro for RM1041.25. I called up Astro to check whose account was that. The last digit of the said account number do not match my bill. I was told by Astro, there is no such account. They told me to call Maybank. So, I called the bank and put in a dispute form.

Maybank told me that, I need to wait up to 6 weeks for the dispute investigation. At the same time, they will withhold the late payment finance charges on the said amount. I waited for almost 1 month and decided to call them again. They said, I need to wait till 6 weeks. So fine, I waited another 2 weeks to call them. 2 weeks later, I called them and again, they said the case is still pending investigation. So I got really annoyed. Why is it so difficult to check? Then, they called me back to inform me that, that was the valid account number and they have been deducting from my credit card for quite some time. Something was wrong. So I checked my past credit card bills. Unfortunately, since I opted for paperless bill as a consideration to mother nature, I was bitten in the ass lah for this. My latest 3 months bill did not show any Astro payment.

I remember checking my Astro statement monthly because I just want to find out if my new credit card capture payment. In all my Astro bills, the bills are fully settled. I forgot to mention that, I was robbed sometime end of July, last year. I remember faxing Astro my new credit card to be auto debited. I remember calling Maybank to change all my auto debit to the new card. They do so for other merchants but not this one!

So, they have been auto debiting my “lost card”. How could that even happen? HOW ON EARTH DO YOU AUTO DEBIT A LOST CARD??

One thing bad about me, if I look at my online statement and nothing was suspicious looking, I would just pay my credit card bill in FULL every month without fail. This big amount woke me up!

So now, apparently, both Astro and Maybank didn’t even listen to me when I called or faxed them those related documents concerning transfer of auto debits. So in the end, I have to pay the total amount “owing” to Astro.. it was a lucky thing they “waive” my finance charges, or otherwise, they would get an earful from me! And they again transfer another amount of RM400++ for Astro into my “new card” which I had gotten since August 2011.

I told them, to cancel all my auto debit now. ALL! I think I would prefer to do my own online banking and payment to the bank from now onwards. All for convenience sake.. so now, I have to suffer because of these people’s inefficiency!

As if this crap is not bad enough, today I was slapped with a warrant of arrest – for not settling my MPS bill for a year and a half… I was furious when I got the warrrant! HOW TO PAY IF I DON’T EVEN GET THE NOTICE??? So I went to MPS to check. I didn’t even receive the bloody notice for over a year and found out that, they have been delivering it to the wrong address!! WHO ON EARTH CHANGED MY MAILING ADDRESS????? I tell you ah… I don’t know if I should be happy or sad. I just got bonus from work and this is how I am supposed to spend my bonus?? To pay for assessment?? And to pay for Astro which I NEVER GET TO WATCH??

I am super, SUPER PISSED!!!

2 thoughts on “Super Broke

  1. Yup Astro billing sucks! When we moved from our apartment, we closed the Astro account there and opened a new one for our new address…. However, they continued billing the closed account .

    So, we called up to complain and to let them know that we had moved and that the account is no longer active. They acknowledged but then …. they kept billing and billing and billing……until one day,the new owners staying in our place told us Astro sent us a lawyer’s letter threatening legal action! This was the last straw…. Fat Dragon and I called Astro up, gave them an earful and told them we will counter sue them for their incompetence and causing us all so much inconvenience!

    No more bills after that!

    • Wah.. salute you and Fat Dragon! Anyway, I wrote the blog above too fast. Maybank charged me for finance charges, so I called them and said, your colleagues promised to waive my finance charges because it’s not my fault. So, they said, will waive for me instantly.. two days later, I received like 5 sms from Maybank telling me, they have waived my finance charges… 5 SAME sms.. I wish they were efficient earlier.

      I really can’t wait for the day to cancel Astro once and for all.

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