Random Notes


Since sis is working elsewhere now, I have to drive myself to work. Gone are the days when I could still be dreaming for another 10 minutes before going to office and not having to worry about parking! It is still a good change though. I get to gossip without restraint with colleague, since I am fetching one colleague to office. She doesn’t say much whenever sis and mechanic were around! Haha! Gossip Queen, me! Anyway, I am just very pissed off with the motorcyclists. Sometime early this year, a motorbike ran into my car, as I was turning left. I put the signal on, I didn’t see him coming because he was just out from a junction as I was turning into my house – my house is at the end lot, so he was coming out, I didn’t see him, he didn’t see me! Thank God he was not hurt! Just that, his motorbike stand was damaged. I asked him if he saw my signal because I did put on signal, he just sped away. He is a secondary school student so I guess he could be riding without a license. I guess, my luck?

From that day onwards, I am so paranoid of motorbikes knocking into me, this incident put me on extra caution. What I couldn’t understand is, whenever I put my signal to the left, going to turn left into my house, there are still IDIOTS trying to be fast to bypass me on the left! What is wrong with these people??? Once, even a Waja was trying to overtake me on my left when I specifically put a left signal. I’ve checked my signal and tail lights, everything is in working order, so these people must be blind or just plain idiots! I think they don’t mind getting killed. But please, not by me!


A few months back, I was having lunch with my ex colleagues when my ex boss (the nice one!) commented on my grey hair. “Wah! You have so much grey hair now! You worry a lot is it?” I was thinking, when did I ever not worry before? I am a worry wart! Even with the less stressful office environment (only stressed when having to deal with the super moronic travel agency and some moronic co-workers), there are so much grey hairs growing everywhere! So, last weekend, I got my hair dyed – yes, it’s DIY again. This time, I was trying to use less chemicals so I resorted to using Indian henna. Well, I think my hair is just as stubborn as me, so, there is no brown color at all. However, I think it sort of covered the greying hair. One thing to note though, even after a few washes, the henna still stains the towel! So better to use a darker colored towels to avoid having unsightly patches on a perfectly white or light colored towels.


Sis promised Ern Ern to take her out for a walk, but it rained. So, sis was just telling Ern Ern to look outside and said that, they couldn’t go out because of the rain. To this, Ern Ern thought carefully and said to my sis, “Umbrella!”

Hahahha! For such a tender age, Ern Ern knew to use umbrella when it rains! So, people, if you are having troubles, and couldn’t seem to go away, always remember, there is always a solution to all problems.  “Umbrella” here can be your family members, friends or associates. So turn to them! Don’t give up! Remember to use the “umbrella”!


As I grow older, I seem to have more and more skin problems. My skin tend to flair up whenever in contact with detergent. So now, I have to use gloves to do the dishes or to mop the floor. I find that the detergent are getting cheaper, so it must be from some industrial formulation!

As for my skin, now I buy handmade soap from Kindersoaps. I find the soap does not leave the after shower “tight” feeling on the skin like normal soap or some body wash do. It’s touching to know that the soap was made out of a mother’s love for her daughter. I bought “Dream Time” for a colleague when I saw her face was infested with pimples and redness. After two days of use, her face inflammation was significantly subsided that other colleagues took notice. After about 2 weeks, the pimples subsided too! Many colleagues took notice and asked her what did she use? I love Dream Time because of the lingering aroma of essential oils. Now, I am using Goat’s Milk and Honey, which I think is quite luxurious for my skin! I find the skin on my legs are not that “flaky” anymore due to dryness, because I am just too lazy to apply lotion! Well, am not doing an advertisement for Kindersoaps. I am just sharing that it works for me!


I never feel safe in my own country. I could walk freely around the numerous places I visited without feeling threatened, even in the dark back alley in Macau. In KL, I’ve been a victim to a snatch theft right behind my house. After reading so  many horrific stories on the internet and news, and on-time live accounts from friends’ friends, it was appalling to hear the Home Minister just brushed it aside like they are “small matters”. The girl didn’t get kidnapped what? The girl didn’t die what? This is ISOLATED case. Ya.. one day later, at the Curve, somebody got robbed by the “Curry Powder” robbers then, a week later, another kidnap case happened within 2 km away from the Curve. Today, I read on June 3, one friend’s friend’s aunt got bashed up on the head while walking to car park at Jusco AEON Cheras Selatan! All for just her purse! I am pretty lucky that they didn’t do that to me! Criminals are getting bolder and bolder by the day because our law enforcement is crap! I don’t think we can use the “umbrella” in this case.. probably the “Umbrella” here refers to God. Only God can help.. and I am a free thinker to even say that!

9 thoughts on “Random Notes

  1. Oh, the henna only managed to cover the grey hairs… Well that’s good enough! Have heard of a couple of botched DIY attempts which left two friends with carrot tops….

    • Sis helped me to pull out a few before I dye my hair. So not sure if it’s the grey hair gone because of the pulling or dying. Hahaha! Yes.. I almost got blinded many years ago, because I added an egg into the ammonia mixture and it exploded when I snipped the butt of the pump. Haha!

      • Ahahaahaa….. Sounds just like a science experiment gone bad! Well, I’m glad you’ve still got your eyes and head still firmly screwed on … But did you get an Afro hairstyle as s result????😀 …

          • LOL! I am highly amused by your real life CSI pics… Now my question is…why on earth did u not think of suing d person who gave u d egg yolk advise… Prevention of damage to hair? More like capacity to maim….

  2. oooh, kindersoaps. do they have a physical shop? i’m very much into handmade soaps now too n a lot of arab countries are famous for their handmade soaps.

    in m’sia, i only know abt saponifist: http://www.saponifist.com/ not sure how good they are tho’, coz have yet to try.

    • Kindersoaps – I think Michelle – the owner, is going to put up a physical store soon, provided she could cope with the escalating orders! Business has been great!

      Wow! Great looking soaps! I think the packaging does help!

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