Malaysian Legend

I was just browsing “Only in Malaysia” Facebook when I chanced upon a photo of the late P. Ramlee, may he rest in peace. There was a video link, so I clicked on it and was happy to be able to find the History channel which I don’t get to watch at home on Astro.

I didn’t know that such a great legendary artist would die a broken man (financially and emotionally). I cried buckets watching the History video.

I guess, all of us, those born in the 40s,50s,60s and 70s would definitely remember all his movies, which were and still are entertaining and heart warming. My favorite movie is “Ibu Mertuaku“. I remember the scene at the cemetery vividly when Kasim Selamat found out that his mother in law, Nyonya Mansoor lied to him that his wife (Nyonya’s daughter) passed away after giving birth to his son. Sabariah Mansoor is pretty much alive and her mom married her off to an Eye Doctor! It was a purely acting genius, no need CGI, sound effects, special effects.. purely skillful acting! And.. am I the only one who always cringed and wished that they didn’t place the forks as decorative ornaments so that he won’t stab his eye balls out towards the end, and live a good life with Chombee?

Well, here’s the video on History Channel talking about his life – some sort of “True Hollywood Story”. I surely hope that the people who had sidelined, ill-treated, abused him, etc would live a life of thousand regrets for not giving any chance for this great legend to continue his work. I guess this is the norm in Malaysia – to ill-treat greatly talented artists such as Allahyarham P. Ramlee and also Allahyarhamah Yasmin Ahmad for breaking boundaries and being loved by all, irregardless of races. Al-Fatihah.

2 thoughts on “Malaysian Legend

  1. …. He should have stuck with Shaw Brothers…. But I acknowledge some of P Ramlee’s classic hits are gems …. Unfortunately I don’t have any of his original recordings… Only have Sheila majid’s Lagenda … Which is a series of P Ramlee’s hits… A pleasure to listen to …

    • I don’t have his recordings too. Usually, watch them over tv during those Friday nights, Drama Minggu Ini.. on RTM. Hehe! Now, we can get their DVDs in Speedy Video. I guess I shall start collecting.😀

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