Wrong Importance

I had another bout of weird dreams again this morning.

When I was about to wake up at around 7 am, I had a series of weird dreams. I was a participant in a local talent Astro Star Search (blame my family members for watching it just now!). From the tv, I realized that I’ve been belting out mostly songs by male artists.. the likes of Nat King Cole and other unidentified male artists, mainly blues or old rock. I looked at myself in the mirror, I still looked pretty much like myself, just with a shorter hair cut.

I donned on my glasses and found out I looked a little like Han Hong – the famous China artist.  I overheard debates around me that, I was born a female but suddenly morphed into a male. Some even speculated that I am a hermaphrodite, with two sex organs in my body. I checked my IC number, it was an even number so meaning I am a woman! There were news flash everywhere, arguing whether I am a male or a female. It took the whole newspapers till the center spread!

Well, this post is not about my dream. It’s about people’s perception. It’s funny to think when one dwell so much on really, unimportant and petty stuff like that, when one should actually see is the talent of a person. Who cares if the person is a male or a female? If he or she could sing really well, or perhaps could master instruments, or do a great deal for the country – who cares if the person is male or female, his or her skin color or religion of this talented person? Or which school this person is from, who is this person connected to, or whether he or she is heterosexual or homosexual or bisexual, etc? It is a shame that there aren’t many people who could cultivate to place importance on things that really matter and not wasting time thinking of irrelevant stuffs! When we focus on things that don’t really matter, we lose sight of our goal or targeted destination.

Just food for thought.. or rather.. a late blue Monday’s rambling!

4 thoughts on “Wrong Importance

    • Haha! It’s true. I heard from my friend in Singapore, the HR threw CVs of the not so good looking ones into the dustbin and only interview pretty people. Haha. So I guess I should be lucky that I got a job despite my outlook shortcomings! Haha!

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