Something Hilarious

My bro in law, well, the mechanic, can be quite hilarious at times. This is one of the incident that happened last night.

Mechanic: How to spell "activity"?

Sis: You want in English or Malay? Coz English is "ACTIVITY" and Malay is "AKTIVITI".

Mechanic: Malay.

Sis: So it’s AKTIVITI lah.

Mechanic: Ok…

Sis: … What you want to write lah?

Mechanic: Oh… I want to wish my Muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya Aktiviti.

Sis: AHHHHHH?????? LOL!!!!! It’s Aidilfitri lah! LOL!!!

Mechanic: Different spelling?

Sis: HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! You wait first! Don’t write anything now. I laugh till I need to go pangsai!

*so this is what it meant by, laughing till shit also want to come out….

After a few minutes…

Mechanic: Never mind. I wrote on facebook liao, to wish my Muslim friends.

Sis: I hope you spell "AIDILFITRI" correctly!

: Ya.. I saw your sister wrote the same thing on FB. So I copied from her status.

Sis: Ok.. good then.

Mechanic: Then ah, she said sorry to two persons. Don’t know who they were.

Sis: Ah??? Say Sorry? Who?

Mechanic: Maaf Zahir dan Batin. Who is Zahir and Batin ah?

Sis:……. *speechless* HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!

Aiyo mah… I know he’s not very educated. But I didn’t know it’s THAT bad! Haha! I guess we have to teach him things all over again before Ern Ern catches up! All in all, it was a hilarious night last night.. we laughed till there were tears in our eyes!!

6 thoughts on “Something Hilarious

    • I think Ern Ern is learning faster! Today, she gave me instructions, “Can you take??” referring to her pillow which she dropped purposely on the floor.

  1. Ahahahaha … Good one! Well, he can spell Aktiviti, and say sorry to zahir and batin all he likes… As long as he is skillful at what he does…. Hee hee hee

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