Have You Registered?

Well, I guess I might be sounding like an old broken record.. but I must say, all of you must register to vote in the coming general election! You love your country? It’s time to show your patriotism by voting for a better Malaysia!

So how to register? Where?

Details are all here.

For Klang Valley people, it’s so easy because you could do so just by going shopping over the coming weekends!

Let’s vote for a better security, better and safer place to live in, preserve our cultural heritage, protect Mother Nature, to develop our nation to a really first class nation and not pseudo developed nation with third world mentality! Let’s vote for the future of our children, our livelihood, our identity as Malaysians! Let’s vote for better infrastructure, genuine help and aid for the poor and needy, equal opportunities, education, good health facilities! Let’s vote for no one being left behind in the name of development! We vote for peace, unity and harmony.

4 thoughts on “Have You Registered?

  1. One worries that those who register now may not make it in time for the next elections. I’ve voted 3 times leow. Thanks for making me feel old. Ok thnxbai!😛

    • Haha! I missed out the first one. I think I registered only when I was about 22-23.. I was walking about in Alpha Angle and people approached me, so I went ahead and gave my IC. Glad I did it! Voted 2x now.. the next one would be my third.. hopefully, it’s a lucky number!

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