Happiness Index

Recently, the government is asking the rakyat on what makes them happy, I guess each of us should have our own list! So, here goes my list!

1. Reducing alarming crime rates

I think the govt should stop painting rosy pictures that the crime rates have fallen. Please. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out. In my Selayang area, there has been rampant robbery with violence. Some caught on cctv and yet, the police has yet to catch the culprit. It doesn’t help either when my colleague who lived just opposite my house was hacked by parang while he’s sleeping in his own home in a robbery with violence. He was lucky to be alive! So now he’s too paranoid to stay in landed property that he has to rent condominium in a gated community. Imagine, a bright young fellow, hacked with parang and now, has to subject himself to endless medical check up, in case for HIV. What if the parang has been used to hack numerous people, and there’s a blood contamination? How could anyone accept this? It has created uncertain future for him. It’s good that he’s a rather optimistic guy, life has to go on, no matter what. And for God’s sake -clean up the police unit. End corruption!

2. Better Transportation System

I pity my colleagues who live far away from office and had to wake up at least 2 hours earlier to get to work just in time. Further compounded by fear of getting out from the house wee hours in the morning, they have to be subjected to unreliability of the public transport system. There was once, when some idiots rescheduled the bus routes, instead of taking two buses to reach the office, she ended having to take 5 buses! One from Selayang to Warta, then Warta to Titiwangsa train station and to KL. It’s so damn stupid! It was a lucky thing that after a year of endless torture (It’s amazing that these people can still work more than 30 km away from work place taking the bus!), they revert to the usual bus route, one bus from Selayang straight to KL! So, don’t blame the people for causing traffic jams because all of us have to buy a car because of the inefficiency in transportation system.

3. Pricing of Things

I don’t see the point of having the govt’s shop -1Shop, or 1 this 1 that. What is so difficult to reduce prices as a whole? If you could control prices of groceries at national level, I believe all shops should be allowed to put up reasonable prices for all. Cut down the middle men in handling the purchase, hence it would reduce prices. Go straight to the manufacturer to cut a deal instead of going through middle persons. I am not very well versed in economics but I think, the root of all problems leading to exorbitant prices is the middle man. (I learnt his from the series “Breaking Bad” Haha! Not a good role model series but.. you get the gist)

4. Healthcare

I believe a developed nation should have a good healthcare in place. Since health is utmost important to a better quality of life – if you don’t have good health, you can’t earn good money. No good money, no health, nothing. Each and everyone should have minimal health insurance. On top of that, the govt should control prices of the hospitals. Like how they control the sugar prices or eggs/poultry, why not also have a guideline for hospitals to follow? Prices charged should not be more than 20% of what prescribed, otherwise a penalty should be in place. A good healthcare should be accessible to all – and giving privilege to the elderly, single parents and children. In Siem Reap, they actually have a free hospital for all children! If a developing country like this could have such a medical facility for children, why not here? No bullshit flashy, big buildings please. Take the money to improve healthcare in govt hospitals. It would help if the doctors in the hospital be rewarded for the good things they do.. and not holding up the queue at the pesakit luar’s unit. Imagine, I sent my dad there due to stroke a few years back and he was made to wait for almost 6 hours before admitting and he’s a retiree from the army! When my friend was hacked by parang, he was told if he couldn’t wait, he should go to a private hospital! With his finger almost severed and bleeding profusely, the people there just let him bleed and did nothing.

5. Education

I think I was quite unlucky to be the first batch for KBSR/KBSM. We merely studied for passing a paper but was never taught analytical thinking. Save for those who have undergone STPM, through Pengajian Am, they were sort of forced into having critical and analytical thinking. I wasn’t really “using my brains” till I started working. Everything was like, you read, you study and just regurgitate whatever you have “memorized” into your exams. It was a good thing, right after college, I took a professional degree, and was sort of “forced” to think for some of the management papers. I understand that the USA education model encourages one to be creative and analytical. Instead of merely passing exams, they have a module to develop your skills and talents in Arts, Music, Science, etc That is how you ended having talented people as writers, performing artists, scientists, and first man on the moon! I was told by a friend who is taking masters in Taiwan that, he is awed by the creativity that Taiwanese shown in his class. Many students from other countries were very analytical and critical in their thinking and are not afraid to voice their opinions. He is one of the foreign students with the least ideas and he’s ashamed of himself of not being exposed. However, he takes this in his stride and considers himself lucky to be given an opportunity to learn from these creative people.

6. Civic mindedness

I find the more developed we are, our minds have been narrowed further and selfishness sets in. There’s lack of civil mindedness in the present generation. At work, since my office is near a school, you can basically see a bunch of students playing truant, vile their time away, sitting behind abandoned shops to smoke glue, play cards and even riding motorcycles without license. It’s sad that some parents don’t even know what their children are doing while they are busy at work, making money to put food on the table. The school itself don’t even bother to write to the parents of problem students to highlight the matter to them. I believe before KBSM, there is a subject called Sivic or Civic in English being taught in school. To replace it, I think they came up with Pendidikan Moral – which is truly, a waste of time, really. Perhaps Pendidikan Moral’s syllabus should be altered to creative thinking class and not merely taught to memorize 100+ “good qualities” in the book, only to be regurgitated during exams. Look at the vandalism happening in Penang where the world renowned artist painted a few nice graffitis on walls only to be tarnished by acts of hooligans! I think, there should be a strict law against vandalism!

7. Animals’ Rights

Animals should be treated with respect and compassion, irregardless if they are strays or pets. A strict law should be enforced to put people who commit unspeakable cruelty to animals to book! No exception, no biasness. Cats and dogs should be equal! Give grant to animals’ shelter and perhaps, set up a govt dept to monitor scrupulous pet shops which inhumanely breed pedigrees for sale. Everybody should play a part in this. If you stop buying pedigrees, the breeding will stop! Start by educating the people around you!

8. Preserve Our Heritage

I simply couldn’t understand why the govt refused to preserve a heritage. I think the buildings in Petaling Street are pretty on its own. If you visited Singapore, you could see Chinatown was being preserved like the old days, with old buildings repainted and restored properly. I do think the Pudu Jail should be relocated as well, and not placed right in the middle of a busy city. However, certain parts of the Pudu jail could be preserved to serve as a tourist attraction place. I believe all schools should conduct a visit to the jail to bring awareness to our children and youngsters that, crime doesn’t pay. And what’s with the building of souvenirs kiosk at the pristine Taiping lake garden with the 100 years old raintrees??? I believe by just taking photos of the place is good enough as souvenirs! Don’t need any ugly stalls or kiosks to be built!

9. Reduce Prices of Properties

With so many properties flourishing in the market, it’s indeed irony to think that there are still so many people made homeless due to increase in price of properties. Govt should step in to curb property market speculations to bring down prices of homes in order to encourage people to own their own homes. Perhaps, instead of only giving low costs apartments to low income people (which sometimes could be manipulated), govt could use the low costs apartments to charge lower rentals to people who couldn’t afford to buy a house.

10. Curbing Pollutions

It’s almost appalling to read that, a company has been given temporary operating license today to go ahead with their rare earth processing operations eventhough there are so many cases and documents supporting the dire consequences of the waste. A thorough study should be conducted on manufacturing of any kind before proceeding to grant permission. Also, recycling items should be made compulsory – to separate organic wastes from recyclable items, to reduce land fills and save earth resources.

Geez.. I just wanted to put everything in point form, short and concise.. and somehow, ended up so long winded. Haha! I hope my happiness index could be taken into account lah. So what’s your happiness index?

2 thoughts on “Happiness Index

  1. Good list! And to add to your list ….put a cap on foreign immigration… Stop issuing Mykads to foreigners … Monitor student visas closely – we all know it’s being abused and is contributing to a healthy growth in labour supply for the vice industry …

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